Mixed Emotions: 3 Reasons to Include Your Kids in Making Moving Plans


You and your family are about to make a big move to a new town or city, and you are afraid that some or all of your family members will be less than thrilled about relocating. They may not want to leave their friends or schools, may have emotional ties to the neighborhood, or just be afraid of major changes. There are ways and means to make the adjustment less stressful and more adventurous for all. One of these is to include them in as many of the moving plans as possible. This will help them:


Be Prepared

Including your children in moving plans will assist them in getting ready for this abrupt change in their lives. Begin preparing household members for the big move well in advance if possible. Give them time to get used to the idea, and then provide them with a list of all of the advantages of the new home and neighborhood.


Hold a family night and research the new area together. Find a map of the city and locate areas of interest such as parks, movie theaters, schools, and malls. Keep them updated on all the local happenings in their new neighborhood for several days before the move, so they are well aware of what is going on in the new area.


Be Involved

Get your children as involved as you can in the planning of the actual move. Give them specific areas of the old house to help pack and employ a moving company to make the load easier on everyone. As soon as you have your new home purchased or rented, draw out a floor plan and have everyone help decide where the furniture will be placed and what new pieces will be needed.


Allow your children to pick out their individual rooms and help them begin to arrange their own furniture on paper. Go to a paint store and have them choose new colors for their respective spaces, and purchase coordinating accessories such as posters, pictures, linens, and whatever your budget will allow so they will feel that their new space is welcoming and personal.


Provide Family Bonding

You can use this stressful time to come together as a unit. There will be a common goal of moving to a strange town and acclimating to a completely different environment. This should bring family members together as they plan and anticipate the process. Yes, there will be tense moments and times of sadness and regret, but parents can use these times to discuss the move and how it will benefit the entire family.


If you think the moving process might be a bit too stressful on familial relations, take a second look at your plans. If you were planning on doing all the heavy lifting yourself, consider a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc that could do it for you. If your kids are having a hard time watching things leave the house, consider sending them on a daytrip with neighbors or relatives to reduce some stress.


As is clearly evident, you can help your family become excited and interested about the new home and neighborhood. Be proactive and begin some of these suggestions as soon as plans to move are in motion for a smoother, less stressful transition.


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