Teen Drivers: 5 Basic Car Repairs Your Kids Should Know How to Perform


If you are a parent who has a teenager that just started driving, it's important that you teach them how to perform a few basic car repairs. Not having to rely on others gives them more independence and a way to handle problems on their own.

Changing a Car Battery

If it's winter, and your teenager uses her car to get back and forth to school, there's a chance that early one morning the battery in her car will be dead. Car batteries can stop functioning at some of the worst times. It's good for your teen to understand the basic mechanics of how a car battery is hooked up. Show them how to properly disconnect an old battery and replace it with a new model and it wouldn't hurt to also show them how to use jumper cables if they ever need a quick start.

Repairing a Headlight

If the taillight or headlight on the car that your teenager is driving becomes broken, it's not only a problem that needs to be dealt with but an infraction of the law if they drive with it not being fixed. The process of replacing a taillight or headlight should be explained to your teen.

Changing a Flat Tire

There's always a chance that your teen will have a flat tire at the most inopportune time. It's important for them to know how to jack up their car and replace the flat. You don't want to have a teen who gets stranded on a busy highway because they're unsure how to perform this repair. In fact, you should make sure that they are using brand-name tires from a business like All American Discount Tires so that the tread they are driving on is reliable and safe.

Air Filter Replacement

One of the most overlooked items that often need repair on an automobile is the air filter. These are inexpensive and very easy to change. Be sure to inform your son or daughter about this easy car repair so that the engine on their car stays clean and free of dust and other particles.

Changing Brake Pads

Having good brake pads on any automobile is a must if you want to stay safe. Not to mention, if brake pads are left too long and allowed to wear down, the brake rotors on a car will also become damaged. There are basic steps that your teenager can take to change out the brake pads on their auto. It just involves loosening lug nuts, using a jack and replacing the old brake pads with some new ones.

With some guidance and training, these car repairs can be performed by your teens. It will allow them to get back on the road faster and keep their car in better shape.


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  1. Good tips Lizzie! Thanks for the reminders. My son is 16 and just started driving. That’s all he knows. And the car is not even manual. It makes sense that he should know all these basic car repairs you listed. I’ll let his dad do the training. These kids should also be reminded safety tips like texting while driving. 🙂

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