Let’s Shoot at Gun Garage Las Vegas


I've grown up around guns my whole life, as a kid I remember always wanting to go shooting with my Dad.  As I grew older I didn't think anything of it doing a little target practice on weekends and hanging out with friends.  Sneaking in a little hunting between midterms in college was always a challenge but if you wanted it bad enough there was always time.  In Las Vegas hunting season and sighting in your guns isn't the first thing on the list but Gun Garage (formerly Guns & Ammo) should be!

Let's Shoot at Guns & Ammo Garage Las Vegas

Guns Garage couldn't make visiting them any easier, all we had to do was tell them where to pick us up and what time and they were there!  Let's just say the Venetian pick up area is also the tour bus area so keep your eyes peeled!  We made our way over from Madame Tussauds so the whole pick up with super easy an the driver was so nice!

 Inside Guns & Ammo Garage

After getting off the bus you are taken to the check-in counter where you hand over your id and fill out the form to prove you are a CAPABLE individual not under the influence of alcohol.  They ask you what guns you would like to shoot and set you up with the right package.  You can watch the other shooters as you register and in all honesty the men are worth a real laugh, they have the biggest grins on their face as they turn around after shooting.

We shot a handgun and an uzi under the guidance of a staff member.  They ensure your safety as you go up to shoot they give the run down on the gun you're shooting and the safety behind it.  A staff member is by your side every step of the way to ensure safety and proper usage.  I had a lot of fun with the ladies shooting a few guns but watching the other males who were there to shoot was a riot!  I honestly have to say this was probably their first time out and I wish I go it on camera, just image a little kid on Christmas opening his present from Santa!

guns and ammo garage

Let's just say if I have a hand gun I shoot for the heart but an uzi I'm going to take your head off.  A girl has to look after her interests right?!  The experience was amazing and they were accommodating to our group giving us a female instructor to ensure we were comfortable.  The instructor made sure you were comfortable before shooting and was right beside you the whole time.  Afterwards, you got the target and your id back as well as a ride back to the strip, they truly are a full-service venue.

 I would go back to Guns Garage with out of town friends any day! 

This was only one stop on the ENMN visit to Las Vegas, check out my visit to Titanic and Bodies!  Las Vegas is truly an amazing destination for someone who is looking to enrich their character and enjoy a good time.

I have more fun articles in the making on Family Travel in Las Vegas!


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