Kamik is Making Tween Winter Boots Stylish Again


I remember back to the days when I used to push the limits on wearing a winter coat and boots because it wasn't cool anymore and now I'm going through that same phase wtih Cheyenne.  As an adult you don't think twice about dressing warm because you aren't worried about what your peers will think, you just don't want to freeze.  But as a tween life is a little more complicated, that's why Cheyenne and I want to share our favorite tween winter boots.

Kamik Winter Boots

Kamik has gone above and beyond with their winter boot line up to combine vibrant colors, comfort and practical technologies designed to withstand the Canadian winter.  As a proud Canadian Company for over 100 years they know what a real Canadian winter is.

Kamik's line up of winter boots are:

  • comfort rated from -32°C to -50°C
  • made in Canada with waterproof, flexible and lightweight RubberHe shells and outsoles
  • liners are designed to evacuate humidity so kids can play outside longer

Kamik is Making Tween Winter Boots Stylish Again

Kamik is Making Tween Winter Boots Stylish Again

Cheyenne chose the SnowGypsy boot because they're fashionable and look awesome with the faux-fur!  I like them because:

  • moisture-wicking lining
  • comfort rated to -40°C
  • suggested retail price: $70 Canadian
  • Available in child sizes 8-13 and kids 1-7

With five colors to choose from:

  1. fuchsia
  2. black/pink
  3. grey/magenta
  4. black
  5. navy

Your daughter will fall in love with this boot design too and you'll know her feet are protected from the freezing temperatures winter brings.

Kamik Sleet2

Kamik has a wide selection of boots so if the SnowGypsy doesn't catch your eye the Sleet 2, comfort rated to -40°C and feature removable moisture-wicking 8mm ZylexTM liners.  They retail at $76 and are available in multiple colors with the same sizes as the SnowGypsy.

Kamik snowbug3

Looking for a boot a little smaller? How about the Kamik Snowbug3 they're available in toddler sizes 5-10 and offer an extra-wide opening and adjustable Velcro strap to make gearing up for winter easy and kid-friendly!  They retail at $50 and are comfort rated to -23°C

Kamik Get Outside this winter

You’ll love Kamik but not just for winter boots, they offer a complete line of footwear so no matter the conditions, you can always step outside and enjoy the weather.

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