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I'm not going to lie I have successful at overeating, not exercising and pretty much not taking care of my body.  I have got back into the swing of things this month though with the hopes of participating in a Tough Mudder competition in 2014!  Basically I'm going to have to be able to lift myself and have  high endurance.  All I can say is don't look back and just keep moving.  It is so easy to get caught up in the negative and make excuses but it is that much more important to just be ok with it and move on.  Leaving the negative in the past and surging forward with a positive attitude is the only way you will be successful with anything you set out to do.

Just keep moving motivational monday

Just Keep Moving – Motivational Monday

For me I need an end goal in mind, not like being healthy isn't a great goal, but I need something to work towards in order to get the finished “product” that I want!  Along the way I find it fun to set mini goals that I know I can reach and hopefully overachieve.  It is important to remember that you are only in competition with a former version of you and what everyone else is doing out there really doesn't matter.  DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

October for me was the start of getting back into a healthy lifestyle routine.  I set my sights pretty low knowing it was going to be an uphill battle.  I wanted to make healthier food choices, which really is simple when I do most of the shopping and food prep, add at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day and drink more water.  For me there would of been nothing worse then setting a huge goal and then not meeting it at the end of the month, I think that would of been a huge setback for me personally.

I now have a mini goal on the road to training for the tough mudder and that is a trip back to Vegas at the end of November!  It is only 38 days away which means I need to kick my goal up a notch and get laser focused.  I sat down this morning and mapped out my fitness and food goals for the month, which were really pretty simple and manageable with kids because the majority of the time I'm solo with them and need to work around what they're doing.  So here I go putting them out there to hold myself accountable!

Mini Goals for the next 38 days!

1.  Drink MORE water, at minimum 10 cups a day

2.  Exercise daily! 30 min cardio and 30 min strength

3.  No eating after 8 pm

4.  Only one cheat day a week

5.  Add an extra one-moment meditation session in my day

I like to break things down so they're simple and manageable.  The cardio can be as simple as hoping on the elliptical in the basement or going for a walk outside.  If I don't have a solid 30 minutes to dedicate to that I will break it up into a couple sessions, simple!  The strength will come from one of the many workout dvds I have or maybe packing around a heavy 3 year old should count…  I am going to get strict with my eating and stick to lots of clean foods so allowing myself a cheat day is always something to look forward to and I usually don't end up using it.  Water, well that's my downside so I need to get focused on that one, maybe set a reminder on my phone to drink some water!  And last but not least is adding an extra meditation session in, I find meditation helps me bring things back to being simple and really living in the moment!

Now that I've managed to put you to sleep I am going to plan some healthy dinners for the month!  I feel like this is a successful day already, let's just hope that Dustin keeps entertaining himself!

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