Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle Review


The Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle is one of Jakks Extreme Performance Vehicles. This remote controlled toy is unlike any other, the RC Hulk Smash features Marvel'€™s Hulk sitting atop a sturdy truck. Hulk'€™s oversized arms continuously smash through anything his path, while also working as a self-righting mechanism for when the vehicle inevitably tips over!

This RC toy is not meant for careful driving, but for crashing and smashing through anything in its path, just like the Hulk himself! With 10 different Hulk sayings and phrases and any number of arm positions, there is no end to the fun that can be had with the Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle!

Features of the Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle

  • 15 x 9 x 15 inches
  • Ages 4 and up
  • Batteries included, one of my favorite things about toys!
  • Includes 10 different Hulk sounds
  • Adjustable smashing arms
  • Self-righting

Is the Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle Worth Buying?

If the kids (or adults who act like kids) are fans of Marvel's Avengers this will peak their excitement!  The RC Hulk Smash Vehicle is a toy designed for one thing – fun.

The point is not to carefully drive around the room, but to seek out obstacles, foes and anything else that might be smashed into! Hulkâ€'s arms are constantly on the move, crashing down into anything he encounters, and tipping him over doesn'€™t come close to stopping him. Hulk will simply power himself upright and keep on his rampage.

Even though this toy is a little smash-happy it is well made, sturdy and durable which is absolutely necessary!  The range of the toy is decent and it appears to use batteries efficiently.  The detailing of the truck is pretty neat as it shows off the roof being crushed under Hulk's weight.

The one drawback of the RC Hulk Smash Vehicle is that its handling is not all too sharp. Your child wonâ€'t be able to navigate sharp pin-point turns or drive neatly around corners, but that is not really the purpose of the toy. The RC Hulk Smash Vehicle is designed for chaos and madness, and it offers that in abundance.

For any fans of Marvel's Avengers, the RC Hulk Smash Vehicle will be sure to enthrall and delight!

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