5 Simple Baby Shower Gift Ideas


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Whether you are attending a baby shower, or you are purchasing gifts for the newborn baby of a friend or family member, the simple ones mean a lot.  New Mom's already have a lot to deal with and get used to we don't want to overwhelm them.

5 Simple Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Sometimes New Mom's register for items they'll need while others leave it up to the discretion of the guest.  I try to balance practical with personal when I pick out gifts for a baby shower.  So here are some simple gifts that are easy to find and any new Mom will love.

5 Simple Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1 –  Clothing. All babies need clothing, and they grow so fast!  I always like to buy bigger sizes because usually, the Mom has already got enough for the current size the baby is at.  A fun gift is a cute pair of baby sneakers, or if you have a sports fan family, a little Jersey or even skates make a great gift too.

2 – Teething toys. All babies ‘teeth' and will need little chew toys of sorts. These may become dirty quickly, and it is probably smart to replace them often, so some these teething toys may be useful. You might find ones with rattles or bells. Just make sure it is not big enough for a baby to swallow.

New Mom Car Survival Kit

3 –  Diapers, diapers, and more diapers!  We all know you can never have enough of these and when you shop at Sam's Club you can stock up for great prices, you get 100+ Huggies Little Movers for right around $40!  I like to purchase bigger diapers because that way they won't have the added expense of buying them when the baby gets older, and chances are they might have stocked up on the current size.

My favorite gift basket to give is full of Huggies diapers, Huggies wipes in a Clutch and Clean, receiving blankets, a couple of bottles of water and a bag for a change of clothes.  Depending on how big the basket is you can usually fold up a blanket and keep it on the bottom.  I can't tell you how many times this basket has come to use for me; that's why I love putting them together for gifts as well.


My favorite diapers are Huggies Little Movers because they keep up with your little one no matter how fast they're moving!  I like to include a Huggies Clutch and Clean full of wipes with the diapers because you never know when an accident is going to happen.

4 – Homemade coupon book.  Why not offer to babysit so Mom can have a nap or bring over a home cooked meal and clean up the dishes.  Maybe even a coupon for one trip to Sam's Club to stock up on food, Huggies Little Mover's and other essentials!  This is a gift any new family would love to take advantage of because sometimes we could all use a little help.  Just remember to keep it simple.

Huggies Little Movers Sam's ClubLook at the size of those boxes!

5 – Pamper products for Mom.  I remember the last few weeks of my pregnancy were full of no sleep, and I was very uncomfortable all I wanted to do was get a massage and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  I like to include a little treat for Mom in the card along with the practical baby gift.  It could be as simple as a gift certificate for a pedicure or maybe a gift card for lunch at her favorite restaurant while you babysit!

There you have my 5 simple baby shower gift ideas! Hopefully, you can find a nice gift or create a gift basket of your own to bring to the baby shower.

What's your favorite gift to give at a baby shower?



  1. When a baby is born you need all the things for care or toys. I have noticed that more and more often mums don’t want to get clothes for kids because they have a lot of them. If I had to go to visit a young mum with a present I would make her papmers cake.
    It’s really easy to make as well as original.

  2. Since we live in Pa, I would always give a snowsuit size 2 years. It was always something the parent said they hadn’t even thought of getting and since the little ones grow so fast, it came in handy.

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