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Just a fair warning I do ramble a bit so hold on I'll eventually come to an end, this whole internet connection anxiety needs to stop!  A few things I've learned about myself this past week after staying in the Children's Hospital with my daughter are:

1.  I can't live without internet [chuckle]. You would not believe the almost anxiety attacks I got this week because I had really intermittent internet or I couldn't get onto the internet and check my site stats or do a new blog post … or just check out Facebook, or just try to connect with the outside world.  Can you say anxiety attack?

2. When you are trapped in a hospital room all day, it gets really difficult to know whats going on around you and feel connected to other adults and not just children while staying in the hospital. The Children's Hospital was great though lots of activities and things to keep kids busy just not so many things for the parents

3.  Not keeping my daily routine for me had panic and anxiety written all over it. I run my business through online resources and my blog. For my business being able to connect to the internet to check our daily sales, generate sales reports, transmissions, banking, basically my whole life revolves around the internet because if I'm not connected I'm essentially loosing money because I don't know whats going on and have no way of knowing without, say, making a phone call.  Don't get me started on making phone calls, which is really hard to do in the hospital because you're trying not to disturb everyone else or interrupting your child while they're resting.

So yeah, I learned quite a few things… about myself that are really hard to believe. Who would have thought you'd have an anxiety attack about not being to access the internet.  Just making sure I covered everything…we got the internet, anxiety, feeling really disconnected, what else can we talk about?  For me, using my Blackberry just didn't cut it. So, that's a little glimpse into my hospital stay with me and anxiety and the internet. I seriously was having panic attacks because I felt so disconnected. It was like back in the days before the internet, if you can even imagine that. At one point I had 75 emails I needed to catch up on. Some were because I needed to visit external links, some were because I needed my computer to reference something and I couldn't reply right on my Blackberry. I did reply to quite a few emails and was able to keep up that way, but a lot of emails for my work, my blog, even my life, require some other external things.

Now I just need to stop ranting…my advice to you is if you're gonna be in a situation like that, for me it was very unplanned, so it was hard to adapt. I need a plan, I always need a plan, that's just me. But anyways, I'm trying out this new TranscribeMe! app.  I have a few apps that I use on my iPad. My husband suggested I just use Word, but I'm not really into that. So I'm trying out TranscribeMe!, seems pretty good, even though it seems like I'm talking to myself, so I'm trying to maybe sneak into the bathroom or sneak away where people can't hear me speak, lol! Oh, the joys of being a mom, welcome to my life! Alright, thanks for joining me on my ramblings from this past week, I hope you look forward to reading some more interesting posts. I'll be back soon!

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