How Working Parents Can Still Throw Holiday Parties for Their Kids


Many households have at least one parent who needs to work long hours, but it is not uncommon to see both parents working full-time. It can be hard for them to see any way of getting free time long enough to plan nice holiday parties for their kids. Here are a few tips that may help some people find ways to make it easier to craft holiday parties while still making the events fun and memorable.

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Consider the Venue

It might be tempting to host a child's party right in the comfort of your own home. This might work for some parents, but there could be a lot of extra work involved. Setting things up, making sure that delicate or valuable items are not in danger of getting broken, and the entire cleanup process after the event is over. You might also cook or bake various foods as the host. If you go with an outside venue hosted by a third party, you would pay a bit more for convenience but avoid many of these issues that take up your valuable time.

Get Help With Food

If you’re a working parent then you know that the amount of time it takes to make quality treats from scratch is just too much for someone with a busy schedule. Thankfully, catering exists from just about every bakery. You can get treats like wholesale Christmas crackers and other fun things that match a particular theme at reasonable prices.

Have Adequate Supervision

This may seem like just a common party safety tip, but it is more than that. As a busy parent, you can't be the only adult in the room supervising what could be a dozen or more young children at once. You may need to devote a few minutes to a work project or emergency, and you won't be able to do any of that if you're the only pair of eyes there. Any number of kids at a birthday event is fine as long as there is an adult in place to watch every few kids. Some party planners recommend one adult for every five children at a party.

Keep Things Manageable

Since you don't have a lot of time for parties, you may feel tempted to go as big as possible whenever you can. It's a nice thought, but it isn't always a feasible one. Plan fun things for kids to do that are workable within the span of the party. They don't need to move between too many activities if the whole affair is done in two hours.

You have a busy work schedule, but some aspects of your professional life may give you the financial support you need to take some of the pressure of birthday planning off your shoulders. Don't forget to include your child in the planning process. Ask them about things they would like to do, and make sure the kids are aware of your ground rules.

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