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As your roof ages it becomes less reliable and understanding when you need repairs or a roof replacement is important. If you're not sure what to look for the professionals at Canton, Michigan roofers can help.

Signs Your Need a Roof Replacement

If you aren't sure what to look for in a deteriorating roof the Canton, Michigan roofers have a few tips you'll find helpful.

1 – Damaged Shingles and Exposed Roofing Nails

This might be the most obvious but if you see cracked, bending, or missing shingles this is an indicator you should have a roof inspection performed on your home. If you are on the roof and notice roofing nails sticking up between shingles there might be a variety of reasons but most of them lead to moisture getting through the roofing barrier.

When shingles are no longer laying straight on the surface this is a sign that moisture has deformed them over time leaving your home vulnerable.

2 – The Age of Your Roof

The average shingle roof in Canton, Michigan lasts 25 years with most manufacturers estimating roof life at 20 years. That's why the age of your roof and regular maintenance is important.

As shingles disintegrate in harsh weather you'll notice granules washing off, shingles becoming deformed and even missing. If you are noticing multiple signs of your roof aging and losing the effectiveness it is a good time to consider a roof replacement to prevent future leaks or larger damage.

3 – Ice Dams During Cold Michigan Winters

When your roof accumulates snow and ice during the cold Canton, Michigan winters it is important to notice if ice dams are forming. Ice dams are ridges of ice and icicles forming on the edge of the roof and most commonly indicate problems with ventilation.

A lot of snow on your roof when there's snow on the ground is actually a good sign; this indicates that your insulation is working and heat is not escaping.

If, over time, you notice that as the snow melts and flows into the gutters that a large amount of icicles are forming is could be an indication you need a roof replacement.

4 – Damp Ceilings and Walls

While you might notice the appearance of your roof deteriorating first there are signs you can look for inside your home. Take a look at the ceiling and walls around your home and see if you notice any unusual dampness. This might appear simply as peeling paint on interior walls or a sagging ceiling.

Once you notice moisture on the inside of the home it is a good indication that your roof has been leaking for quite some time and building up moisture in the attic.

5 – Higher Energy Bills

Just like with damp ceilings and walls your energy bill is a great indicator that your insulation is breaking down.

The easiest way to check whether your insulation is causing your heating bill increase is to check a year-over-year comparison. At temperatures outside fluctuate so will your bills so looking at several months and comparing is a good idea.

When You Need a New Roof in Canton, Michigan

When considering the signs that you might need a roof replacement it can be difficult to make the decision. That's why it is important to consult a qualified professional to evaluation your roof.

Roofing replacement is not a simple task and is a big investment in your home. Setting up an inspection with Canton, Michigan Roofers is a great place to start.

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