How to Become a Healthcare Administrator


Working in any role within the healthcare sector is a very respectable and important job. Society relies on this industry to stay well and keep moving forward. Without the incredible advances that the healthcare sector makes, people would face many more hardships. When thinking of jobs in healthcare, doctors and nurses are probably the first ones that come to mind, but there are hundreds of different roles that are integral to the system. Healthcare administrators play a vital part in this industry and are just one example of the alternative career paths in healthcare that you should consider. If you’re interested in this role as a career option, here are some tips on how you can achieve your goal.

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As with most career paths today, having a college-level education is essential. You must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as Health and Social Care Management, Mental Health Nursing, Public Health, or Healthcare Management. These are all ideal courses to take as the first step on your way to becoming a healthcare administrator. Upon completing your bachelor’s degree, you should consider enrolling in a master’s degree program to improve your healthcare administration career outlook. You can choose to attend a college full-time or for those who have to make their studies fit around other commitments, consider enrolling in a relevant online degree program.

Work Experience

Once you have achieved the right qualifications, the next step is securing some work experience. You can apply for entry-level roles straight after graduation, but getting a healthcare administration internship beforehand is a good idea. This additional work experience will make you stand out from other candidates and enhance your chances of securing a good job. You should also look at volunteer positions if internship programs aren’t available near you.

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Important Skills

While all the above are essentials to getting started in your healthcare administration career, you must also consider what skills you have and refine them. Running a hospital or healthcare center is a high-pressure job, so being able to work well in a stressful environment is key. You will also need to have excellent communication skills to work as part of your team and with other departments in the hospital, as well as being able to negotiate effectively. Time management is very important as you will be working to deadlines to implement new changes where you work and possibly collaborating with other healthcare centers on certain projects. Being familiar with data analysis is also a necessary skill to have, as you will be using this to form decisions on how the hospital or clinic is run.

Previous experience in management or other leadership roles will also work in your favor. While you might not be in a leadership role when you start your healthcare administration career, this will be a natural progression and it’s a quality that is sought after in candidates.

Working in healthcare administration can be a very exciting and rewarding career, but it is also one that comes with many challenges. If that sounds appealing to you and you have a passion for the well-being of others and want to improve it, this could be the right career choice for you.

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