How to Manage Stress as a New Mother


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As a new mother, you are going to experience an abundance of changes ranging from new family patterns, sleepless nights, and mood swings as unpredictable as the weather. There are plenty of shocks that come with motherhood (some less obvious than others). All of these changes are going to lead to an increase in the one thing you don't need more of: more stress. Stress is part of life, so rather than trying to say everything is going to be okay, here are some practical ways you can manage your stress levels.

It's Okay to Let the Dishes Pile Up

Let's be honest, and this goes for not only the dishes, but also for laundry, vacuuming, and other household tasks. There's no need to increase your stress levels by thinking you need to keep up with every chore in the home. There are some great hacks to help you simplify your cleaning. This is also an excellent opportunity to adjust household responsibilities with your partner; for instance, if you decide to cook, they get the honor of doing the dishes, and also giving you a back rub afterward.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps…For Real

One of the things that compounds stress is lack of sleep, and let's be honest, you're probably wondering if you'll ever feel rested ever again. So if this is your first little, sleep when your little goes down and don't feel sorry about it; embrace it. You need to sleep, I’m sorry to tell you that.

Get a Babysitter You Trust and Go Out for Date Night

You might be nervous about getting a babysitter to care for your baby, but some rest is incredibly important. This is so important on so many different levels, starting with maintaining a connection with your partner. On one hand, it's understandable that your partner needs to take a backseat to your little, but that shouldn't negate your commitment to one another to make each other a priority and be a couple. And if you’re nervous about the babysitter, whether you know them or not, according to ADT, wireless cameras are frequently used to monitor babysitters to make sure they aren’t doing anything bad to your baby, purposefully or not.  Additionally, getting away will remind you that while you are responsible for your little, you are still your own person and can have an identity away from your newest addition.

Connect With Other Moms

Finding a support system with other women will be an opportunity to embrace this new, exciting, stage of life. Honestly, some days getting everything ready to go out may sound like it's too much, but the relief you'll feel when connecting with others will make it all worth it.

Find Some Mom Memes

They're true, all of them.

There you have it, some practical ways to manage stress during this new phase of life. There's no perfect formula for managing stress, but adopting these tips into your life will make sure you're able to enjoy each moment with your little.


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