How to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier Than Their Friends


It is important to keep your children as healthy as possible. While your children’s friends are eating junk foods, you can offer nutritious foods that are cooked at home. Here are five ways to ensure that your children eat healthier than their friends do.

Have a Family Garden

Plant a family garden with your children so that you have fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer and autumn. If you have children who don’t want to eat vegetables and fruits, then picking produce on their own is a way to encourage them.

Cook Meals Together

Your children should know how to prepare meals as part of their daily life skills. Children who help with meal preparation at home are more likely to enjoy trying new foods. With proper supervision, children can peel vegetables and fruits, or alternatively, they can chop foods on a cutting board. An older child can also help with cooking food in a microwave or on a stove.

Choose Nutritious Whole-grain Foods

Rather than buying white bread at the supermarket, look for a French baguette loaf at the supermarket. This type of bread is made from the highest quality grains and other ingredients to provide a tasty addition to any meal. You can still use this type of bread for sandwiches by slicing it into sections, or you can use it to make toast for breakfast. This variety of bread is more filling than the traditional types of bread.

Understand Proper Portion Sizes

More children develop weight issues because they become accustomed to the large portions in restaurants. The portions served with most meals at restaurants are too large for adults, but the same type of meal is often prepared for a child. Determine what the proper portion sizes are for children. Also, teach them how to measure or weigh foods to avoid any overeating that leads to medical problems.

Bring Your Children with You to the Supermarket

Make a trip to the supermarket a learning experience for your children by talking about the foods that are available. Begin shopping in the produce section to find seasonal vegetables and fruits that you aren’t growing at home in your garden. Many stores have nutritional information about produce, and some supermarkets offer exotic vegetables and fruits that your children may want to try. The produce section is the perfect place for finding nutritious snacks that don’t contain added sugar or sodium.

Meal Planning

Sit down with your children to plan meals for the week before you go to the store. Your children may have a few great ideas about the tasty and healthy meals that they want to eat at home. Incorporating your children's input into your meal plan will help them have the desire to eat healthier.

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