How Do You Know if Your Washer and/or Dryer Needs Repair?

An example of a washer, like one you might have in your home.

Some problems with your washer or dryer can be fixed, such as not overloading the drum. Other problems are inevitable as a result of old age, excessive wear and tear or constant misuse. Before you contact a professional, become familiar with the signs that your appliance needs a repair.

Problem with Drainage or Spin Cycle

Every washing machine undergoes a series of steps in a complete wash cycle. The first step is that the machine fills completely with water. The last step is the spin cycle, which is necessary to remove excessive water from the clothes. Another problem occurs when the machine remains filled with murky water. In either case, the clothes remain soaking wet. Either one of these problems is detrimental to the quality of your clothing if you don’t make a repair immediately.

Clothes Don’t Wash and/or Dry Properly

An obvious sign is when the clothes remain dirty or wet after the wash cycle ends. Another sign occurs when the clothes remain damp or soaked after going through a drying cycle. This is compared to clothes at the laundromat that turn out perfectly clean and dry. A high level of inefficiency is the biggest indicator that you need a washer and dryer repair.

Increased Electric Bills

Your electric bill should indicate whether or not you need an appliance repair. Your aging dryer takes longer to dry and consumes more energy to perform minimal results. All of these problems result in increased costs for your electricity. However, it may take some time to figure out that the dryer is causing the problem, especially if you’re using many other electrical appliances. One solution is to compare your electric bills from previous months and see how much the costs have increased over the years.

The Machine Is Too Noisy or Jumpy

When you use an appliance long enough, you’ll notice when it’s making more noise than usual. Similarly, you’ll notice if it’s being too jumpy or moving around too much. A dryer that works too hard could move a couple of feet as it runs. One of the machine’s fast-moving parts, such as their drum rollers, needs to be checked for damages.

Your washer and dryer are an essential set of machinery to keep in optimal condition. However, a system malfunction will happen at some point in its lifespan. It’s best to pick up on the signs that you need repairs long before you need them.

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