How to Be Financially Smart in Life


Whether you are a college student, a middle-aged adult, or senior citizen, financial stability is one of the important key concepts to live a life that is worry-free. By the time you aren't working, you will not have a way of making income, so now's the time to plan and save as much money as you can. You might say, “How much money do I need to retire?” That is for you to figure out and work toward. Here are some ways you can stay financially smart in life.

The first step is to make a game plan. Something that you will follow. This is where you make the goals and turn them into reality. If you are a college student, now's the best time to invest in the stock market and to make passive income.

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Stocks = Passive Income

Passive income is a way of making some income with little to no action or doing anything. Also if you are working, then you will already have a 401k plan that puts some of the income that you make into. If you are an adult, maybe you can make some money and invest too. And if you have kids, make sure you start them young. According to the source, the younger you start investing, the more time you have and the more you will make.

College Savings

If you are a parent that has children, you need to make sure that they have something ready for them when they start their own lives in college. Open a college savings account. Once your child is born, you should talk with your spouse into getting something called a 529. The 529 is also known as the Education Savings plan in the United States.

Because college tuition and other fees are expensive, you need to help your child out for the future. Without installing the 529 plan, your child will have a greater hole to dig out of when it comes to college.

The method here is to try and save some of you and your spouse's income. An example would be maybe $100-200 from both of you. That calculates to about $1200-$2400. By the time your child is off to college, they will have $20k-$40k to help them cover board and lodging or those annoying textbook fees.

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Save for Emergencies

Because life can throw curveballs at you and some events that can't be avoided, it's necessary to have some money on the side to save yourself from conflicts that arise in life.

For example, you are driving on the highway. You see two cars racing each other in your rearview mirror. They are coming pretty fast. All of a sudden, one of the cars is trying to cut in front of you and a van on your right. Unfortunately, the car isn't able to cut and crashes into both you and the van. You can control the car, but your side is damaged. Luckily, you have some emergency funds to bring your car to the shop and get it repaired.

Accidents can happen at any time. So it's best to save some money aside to be able to fix your car.

But speaking of cars, if you are a parent, it's important to help your son or daughter get a car for themselves. You can help them by saving some money for them and letting them find a job. Once they get their car, help them at first. Then once you see that they can pay for the car consistently, leave it to them to pay the rest. This helps your son or daughter learn how to pay for things themselves.

And when buying a car for your son or daughter, make sure that you are buying a certified pre-owned car and NOT a brand new car. Never buy from dealers that aren't well-known dealers since there's a chance of the car being a lemon.

Retirement Funds

The 401k plan, or retirement fund, is what you will depend on when you retire. You will need one to survive before your time comes. The 401k plan can help you gain passive income since it is compound interest. According to the New York Times, $25 is enough to save for your 401k.

Doing all of the above will keep you financially stable. When you are older and look back at your life, you will be glad you followed some of these tips.

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