How Beautifying Your Home Can Protect It From Pests


Got bugs? Don't call pest control just yet. You might be surprised to learn that many methods of beautifying your home can also protect it from unwanted critters. Improving your home's aesthetic while evicting insects without harmful chemicals is a win-win, so read on to find out which enhancements can keep bugs at bay.

Use Pest-Repelling Plants

Adding plants around the base of your home and near windows adds natural beauty, but did you know that many plants also provide natural pest control? Lavender and lemongrass are two plants species known for their ability to keep away unwanted critters. Lemongrass is a lush green tropical plant that makes a lovely backdrop for the pretty purple flowers produced by the lavender plant.

Upgrade Exterior Doors and Windows

Replacing doors and windows is a great way to upgrade your home's exterior while also keeping out pests. Worn, decaying exterior doors and windows are eyesores that not only let in drafts but also provide a path for bugs, mice and other pests to get inside. Swapping them out for newer models with better seals and less porous materials can trim your exterminator bill as well as your utility bill. Exterior window trim experts can help you choose the best options to maximize your home's beauty and minimize gaps where bugs can enter.

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Minimize Clutter

A cluttered home looks terrible and also provides the perfect environment for critters and creepy crawlies. Bugs and insects love making nests in outdoor clutter like piles of leaves, abandoned toys and discarded wood, while mice think it's nice to take up residence in your messy kitchen where they can feast on food scraps. Keeping your home clean both inside and out is a simple and very effective way to curb your pest problem.

Seal Your Patio

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and your patio provides a common point-of-entry for these wood-destroying pests. Protect your patio by coating it with a sealant on a regular basis. A good coat of sealant keeps pests out while also protecting the wood from rain, snow and other elements that can make it look battered and shabby.

If you still have a bug problem after trying these changes, exterminators are a great option for difficult infestations. Although they use harsh chemicals and can be expensive, don't be afraid to call in the pest professionals to remove your uninvited guests when all else fails. Remember, a pest-free home is a beautiful home.

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