The Benefits of Easy to Grow Flowering House Plants


Obviously having flowering plants in the house is a great way of adding to the effectiveness of your décor, but did you know that it’s also been proved to improve the state of mind of the people in the environment; yes having plants around does actually make you feel happier. You can see that it’s well worth investing in some flora for your living space.

It’s not quite as simple as that though; you need to make sure that you can care for the plants that you buy or you will have just wasted the money you spent on them. There are some plants that are easier to care for than others. You should take this into consideration when you are making your purchase.

The Benefits of easy to grow Flowering House Plants

What should you be considering?

Before you purchase a flowering house plant you need to think about the environment in which it is going to be kept. You know your own home best, and what the heat and light conditions are. There are plants which will exist in average temperature without the need for constant direct sunlight; for a lot of people they present the best option. Even better if you can find a plant which has a straightforward watering and feeding regime. In a world which seems to be constantly busy few of us have vast amounts of time to dedicate to our houseplants, no matter how beautiful they are in bloom.

What are the best plants to look out for?

House plants such as the anthurium are an excellent choice. They don’t like bright sunlight and exist very well in a medium to bright light which most people can supply somewhere in their home. When they are flowering anthuriums need an evenly moist soil; this need changes to barely moist during their dormant months.

If you are able to give this minimal amount of attention to these lovely plants you will get a great return of brilliant blooms and romantic heart-shaped foliage. The one down side of the anthurium is that its leaves have slight toxic qualities so pets and young children need to be watched when around the plants.

One of the very easiest houseplants to grow is the African violet which will keep producing an array of purple, pink, blue or variegated blooms as long as you pinch out those that are dying. One thing you need to remember about an African violet is that it should be watered by standing it in a saucer of water for no longer than half an hour. Watering these plants from above damages their leaves so should not be attempted.

A final suggestion as an easy to manage flowering houseplant is the Christmas cactus. It provides an excellent display of red-orange, salmon or rose blooms at a time of year, in winter, when warm and fiery colors are very popular. As with a lot of members of the cactus family these plants prefer moderately dry conditions and they will happily exist in an average home temperature of 70 – 80°F when growing and flowering.

All of these plants are well worth considering as attractive and easy to manage additions to your home.

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