Happy Birthday to Me – Girls Spa Day


In March we went on a road trip to Moclips, WA where we got to spend some much needed time together as a family.  We love exploring new places and finding a couple spots we would love to go back and tour some more.  The favorite part of the vacation was realizing how lucky I am to have such great kids and a loving husband.  I know mushy right.

It seems like we are so wrapped up in our own schedules at home we don't have a lot of dedicated family time anymore.  I found out that Cheyenne really wanted to go to a spa so that was our special girls day together and it just so happened to fall the day before my birthday!!

girls spa day

Happy Birthday to Me – Girls Spa Day

I'm not going to lie turning 30 for me was kind of a shocker.  I just feel old now.  Not sure why but this birthday seemed a lot more important then all the others have.  Maybe it's because I've been missing my sister, its been 4 years since she passed away now, or it could just be that my kids are at the age where I realize being a Mom is a lot more fun.

Spa Elizabeth Seabrook WA

Back to our girls spa day…just passed Moclips there is a little town called Seabrook, Washington.  It is a Sunset Magazine Idea town that is pretty impressive with all the little community has to offer.  From town hall to the retail district they have everything from dog parks to beach access.  The funny thing is I had no idea Seabrook even existed until I was on Facebook and I saw an article about their new spa – Spa Elizabeth.

Since cell reception wasn't that great I emailed at about 6 pm and asked to make an appt for the next day, to my surprise the owner actually emailed back right away!  She was accommodating and made the perfect spa day appointments for Cheyenne and I!

We were treated to special beverages upon arriving and each of us was treated like queens!  Cheyenne keeps asking to go back.  Oh and a little secret – the chocolates and orange slices they serve at the end of a treatment are AMAZING you don't want to miss out on eating them.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a full body massage and facial and felt like a bowl full of jelly when I left which made shopping in the retail district a lot of fun.  Cheyenne keeps talking about how nice everyone was to her and how they didn't treat her like a little kid.  She got a foot massage and facial and has been washing her face daily to make sure she doesn't loose the “spa look” as she calls her skin now!

 spa elizabeth after treatment

So I might have hit a milestone birthday but I have to say I love being me and being a Mom.  This year is going to be amazing.  My birthday wish was for more travel and adventure.  I can't wait to see where the next adventure takes us.

Cheers friends!

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