The Drive Was Worth It – Spring Break Vacation


When we sat down to plan our Spring Break Vacation we had no idea what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go all we knew is we wanted to try something new.  We narrowed our destinations down to a couple places we had never been before: Texas, Louisiana, San Fransisco and the Washington coast.  After that we decided to ask the kids for their input, well Cheyenne more than Dustin because does a three year old really get the concept of vacation?!  Cheyenne decided she would like to go somewhere she can take her dog, Lou Lou, along so the decision was made we would drive to the Washington coast!  Was the drive worth it is the next question.

The Drive Was Worth It - Spring Break Vacation

The Drive Was Worth It – Spring Break Vacation

Now the real planning started.  We had to plan the driving route from the Kootenay region of BC all the way over to Moclips, WA.  The total trip one way is 986 km/613 miles which would mean being in the car for at least 12 hours and on the ferry (because the kids wanted a new adventure).  We knew that we couldn't survive driving it all in one day so we broke it down into two days of driving so we could clean the house before we left and enjoy the drive rather than be rushed to get to the destination.  We found a hotel just outside of the Seattle area in Cle Elum, WA that we could stay with Lou Lou so we knew that was the perfect first stop!  We even managed to eat at a local diner which was AMAZING!

The second day of driving involved stopping in Bellevue to visit family and then we were off to a stop at Costco, the ferry and finally to Moclips!  The journey seemed to take forever but all of us really enjoyed it and we didn't have any trouble with the kids or dog driving that far.  When we arrived at our rental house we found on we were in awe of the amazing views of the ocean and the fact that we were literally steps away from the beach.  I have to say it has taken a little bit of time to feel “normal” again after all the traveling but I woke up this morning refreshed and in full on vacation mode!  Life is pretty wonderful.


We're going exploring today into the Valley of the Giants and we might even make it to Forks, WA to do a Twilight tour!!  I think I might be the only one excited about that but it is my birthday on Monday so they can all do it to be nice 🙂 .

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