Work from Home Family History – Certified Legacy Advisor


Ever wondered what an easy work from home job could be for you?  Maybe you're interested in family history, genealogy, ancestry, scrap booking, photo scanning or  listening to great life stories.  If any of that sparks a little interest for you then a Certified Legacy Advisor is a fun and challenging career for you.  The best part of being a Certified Legacy Advisor is you can work from the comfort of your home on a schedule that best suits you and your family.

Browing family album

Work from Home Family History – Certified Legacy Advisor

So what exactly does a Certified Legacy Advisor do?

Millions of Baby Boomers and their Greatest Generation parents need help to preserve and pass down their life lessons, values and traditions to enrich future generations.  This provides a fantastic opportunity for heart-minded people to make money while making a difference and coming to the rescue.

All you need are basic tools and experience including:

  • Fundamental computer knowledge
  • Understand basic file types like .jpg, .doc, etc.
  • Basic internet search and navigation
  • Computer with internet service, a laptop is a great tool for mobility
  • Willingness to learn and follow through to accomplish your goals, part or full time.

The best part is you aren't alone in this venture there is a team and fellow members who will help you succeed!  If you are looking for a purposeful career consider starting your own consulting business as a Certified Legacy Advisor.



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