Goals for Kids!


If you're like me and have troubles keeping your 5 year old focused I'll share a tip or two!

The thing that saved my sanity is the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart..  There are 27 magnets including responsibilities, behaviours, and 2 customizable ones.  The board is magnetic which makes customizing easy and the bottom is a dry erase board as well.  There are magnets to put up when each task is completed daily.  Did I say how much I loved this?!

Goals for Kids!

We were having troubles getting along in the morning because she wanted to sleep in and not get ready for school, didn't want to clean up after herself, and bed time was like world war 3.  After talking to her teacher and getting some pointers we stumbled upon the responsibility chart and it has been the best purchase we've made!  We sit down on Sundays and make a new chart setting a reward at the end of the week for the majority of the tasks being completed. We track progress as we go which gives an instant positive reinforcement and sense of responsibility.  It is a great conversation piece to evaluate how well she is doing or what we need to work on.  We've been doing it for three weeks now and I have noticed a drastic improvement in her behaviour, bedtime is no longer a fight, and we get a long better most of the time.  Here is this week's chart in progress:

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