Essential Design Tips To Create A Stylish Family-Friendly Home


26% of Americans currently favor modern interior design style, with minimalist style coming in close second (20%). For busy families with young children, it’s still possible to achieve a peaceful, stylish and modern home that suits the whole family. By embracing an open floor plan, kid-proof furniture, and clutter-proof storage solutions, you can create a chic and family-friendly home.

Open floor plans

Custom home styles like ranch and new build farmhouse are popular options for families, explains Mangum Builders. These interior designs allow for a wide, open layout, and spacious communal areas ideal for bringing the family together. Unlike smaller individual rooms, a large single free-flowing living space gives you the freedom to work in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the kids in the living room. Open floor plans also ensure maximum natural light, which creates a bright and airy atmosphere throughout your home. If you want a way to clearly define separate areas, consider installing floor-to-ceiling glass sliding panels. Glass panels can create some level of privacy without comprising natural light or the visual connection between the different areas.

Durable furniture

When it comes to selecting furniture, focusing on longevity and durability is key. For example, leather is the easiest sofa material to keep clean; it also continues to look good as it ages. Alternatively, microfiber, vinyl, or sofas with washable slipcovers are other low-maintenance options. Durable materials are also more likely to withstand the heavy use that comes from young children climbing all over the furniture. Keep in mind: there’s no need to buy special children’s furniture, since children grow too fast for it to be a worthwhile investment. In busy and high-traffic areas of your home, opt for stain-resistant outdoor fabrics that are designed to be easier to clean. Ideally, it’s best to choose dark colored fabric for your furniture, as it better hides stains and dirt. However, if you have your heart set on white furniture, try and choose durable outdoor fabric. You can also go for simple clean-lined blinds over big and fussy curtains, and paint the walls with a wipeable finish paint to keep your home as low maintenance as possible. 

Prevent clutter

Busy family homes don’t have to be havens for clutter. Invest in ample storage to prevent an unnecessary mess from building up. For example, upholstered ottomans are stylish, and safer for young children than coffee tables with sharp corners; they can be used to easily hide away unsightly plastic toys. Additionally, you can also invest in cheap wicker baskets to place on open shelving and use as catch-alls for toys. If you have low shelving within reach of your children, encourage them to put their toys away after playing with them. 

Creating a stylish and family-friendly home doesn’t have to be difficult. An open floor plan, durable furniture, and effective storage solutions are key ways you can create a chic and functional interior.

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