Leak repair downriver MI


As a homeowner you become hyper aware of issues with your home from the roof to landscaping and even water damage. Once you notice the damage it is important to get a professional to investigate and perform a leak repair in Downriver, MI.

If you've ever had to deal with water damage in your home you know it can be a never-ending struggle that can lead to more damage and huge repair bills.

Leak Repair Downriver, MI

While you can easily detect small leaks from leaky faucets, water pipes, toilets and your water heater there may be some hidden ones that are harder to discover. The leaks that are harder to visually see most commonly go undetected for years. These leaks can be found by licensed plumbing professionals like Downriver Plumbers.

Downriver Plumbers are able to locate even the smallest of leaks anywhere in your home, and are knowledgeable in leak repair services in Downriver MI. Undetected leaks often translate into high water bills and expensive plumbing repairs. A few reasons why you should contact a plumbing professional include:

  • Water-soaked, damaged carpet or flooring
  • Discolored or brown water
  • Discoloration or water spots on walls and ceiling
  • Extremely high water bills

The licensed and insured professionals at Downriver Plumbers have the right equipment, experience and technical expertise to assist you in a water leak emergency. They are available 24/7, 7 days a week and will usually respond within 30 minutes.

Leaks to Look for in Your Home.

It is hard to believe how much damage water can actually do. Take your kitchen for example. Kitchen leaks can lead to damage on flooring and cabinets and in extreme cases even underneath your floor.

Another important area in your home is the laundry room. Due to an abundance of pipes and appliances there are many sources of water loss from the washing machine to water heater. A small amount of standing water, one to two inches, can cause significant damage to flooring,
walls, appliances, and other items of value.

It is important to check indoors and outdoors for water issues year-round. There are many issues that can arise around your home from drain backups, sump pump issues, busted pipes, and leaky faucets. Doing frequent checks and taking preventative measures can help you save in the long run. You can also perform a few simple tasks around the house like shutting off outdoor water taps during the winter and installing a programmable thermostat.

Downriver Plumbers are ready to answer your questions, help with insurance claims, and even offer affordable financing options. Whether it’s a cracked water heater or broken sewer pipe contact the experts in Downriver, MI for leak repairs.

For more tips or to schedule a consultation contact Downriver Plumbers.

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