Effective Tactics For Handling Career Setbacks


Having career setbacks is just a fact of life. Talk to a cross-section of some of the most successful executives in the world, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a single one who’s had a totally easy ride. Even if you were doing everything right, various stumbling blocks can come along. When you hit one, the important thing is to be resilient, and take a proactive approach to the hand you’ve been dealt. Here are some effective tactics to consider…

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Give Yourself Space


A major career setback comes as a shock to many people, and it can take a long time to let the truth of the situation fully sink in. It’s usually a good idea to take a step back from the office, and try to get a clear perspective. When we’re wrapped up in our work and achieving the next big step in our careers, it can be easy to forget the important things in life, like taking care of our family and ourselves. Taking some time away from the fast-paced world of work, and giving yourself some room to breathe, can be very helpful for tackling whatever difficult emotions you’re wrangling with. Get this step right, and you’ll be able to bounce back much more effectively.

Get Some Support


Seen as you’re reading this, you’re probably a little obsessed with reaching those big milestones in your career. While this is a good thing, it can often lead to you becoming too proud to reach out for help when you need it. We all need a little support here and there, so swallow your pride, recognize any kind of help you’ll need to move ahead, and then seek it out. Career coaches, old co-workers, specialist personal injury lawyers, and even our friends and family can all be a massive help in getting past the big career setbacks so many professionals face. If no one in your immediate circle is jumping to mind, then go online! The web is full of forums and other networking platforms that will link you up with people and entities who can provide you with all kinds of effective support. You just need to be able to ask for it!

Consider the Possibilities


Whatever setback you’ve hit, it’s essential to try and see it more as an opportunity for growth and self-development, rather than an issue that’s going to cripple your career path indefinitely. Take a moment to think about the goals and milestones you had before the setback happened. Are these still your goals? Has this setback in your career given you a clearer perspective on what you really want from life? Could this one little disappointment actually be a major blessing in disguise? Many people end up being coaxed into a job by the prestigious title or the high salary, and take years to realize that they’ve bought into something that actually makes them unhappy. There are possibilities in every change we experience, so don’t see whatever rut you’re in as an inescapable dead end.

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