Caring for Your Elders: 4 Ways to Assist Grandparents as They Age


More grandchildren than ever before are helping their grandparents make important aging decisions, and that number is increasing each year. There are many reasons why this is becoming more common place such as living nearby, time availability, or just having a special connection to them. Younger adults are either helping part time or offering a higher level of care on a full-time basis. The baby boomers are living longer than any previous generation and will continue to need assistance. Grandchildren need to be prepared to assist their grandparents when they require help.

Caring for Your Elders 4 Ways to Assist Grandparents as They Age

Running Errands

The small things are often the ones that older adults find especially challenging. They can get overwhelmed by the number of chores to be done and need someone to help lighten the load. This could be just dropping clothes off at the laundry mat or picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. Have the senior make a list of errands that can be done by the grandchild throughout the week.

Making Decisions

It is always helpful when there is someone to talk to about bigger decisions such as relocating. This is the time when many older people are looking to retire and find a place that is suitable for their needs. The area should include access to medical care, transportation, and entertainment. The breathtaking beauty that is retiring in scenic Oregon has made it one of the prime retirement spots in the United States. If there is a grandchild living in Oregon, this may be the perfect spot to enjoy those golden years.


Many seniors have a lifetime of items that they have been holding on to for years. These things may bring them joy and just need to be organized. Using shelves and totes that are clearly marked can help alleviate the clutter. Putting like items together in one easy to reach location ensures a safer home environment.

Paying Bills

Financial strain is one of the biggest concerns that most seniors have. Grandparents may need the assistance of their grandchildren to make sure that bills are paid on time and that their finances are being dealt with correctly. A money management program helps the grandchild keep track of the finances. The plan needs to include paying bills, maintaining records, planning a budget, and balancing checking accounts.

There are many grandchildren that have a special relationship with their grandparents and want to do all they can to assist them. This can seem difficult, but with the right plan, it can be done. These years are important ones for both the senior and their family members.


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