Benefits of a New Roof Installation in Canton MI


When it comes to home maintenance the safety and wellbeing of your family is a top priority when it comes to making major purchases and upgrades.  There are more benefits than just safety, for new roof installation in Canton MI, let's take a look at a few of them.

1 – Savings

The investment in a new roof also comes with savings benefits from energy efficiency to insurance savings!

As your roof ages and protects your homes from the elements, it becomes damaged and weak. With each damaged shingle, moisture gets in and hot or cold air can get out creating a huge inefficiency when heating or cooling your home.  With the installation of a new roof, structure issues can be repaired and every shingle is perfectly placed and well-secured ensuring your home is tightly sealed.

The cost of your home insurance is based on numerous factors including the age of your roof.  A new roof increases your home’s energy efficiency, security, and structural safety.  You may want to consider getting your insurance policy reassessed because naturally, your insurance premiums should decrease.

Maintenace becomes simple.  Every other year or even every three years is often a sufficient maintenance schedule for a recently installed roof unless your roof has recently withstood a particularly harsh storm.  A new roof needs fewer maintenance check-ins and fewer repairs than an older roof even when damage does occur.

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2 – Increased Home Value

Think curb appeal.  When a prospective buyer pulls up to your home they'll notice if your roof is shabby looking and they're initial impression will be tainted.  A  recently reinstalled roof, possibly still under warranty, along with a welcoming entrance and perfectly landscaped yard will add value and give a perfect first impression.

Warranties give you peace of mind about the quality of your new roof because the manufacturer and/or the installation crew are guaranteeing their work.  Each new roof installation typically comes with a decade or more of warranty and often roofers guarantee their installation or offering discounts on your first few maintenance visits.

You might not want to sell your home but all these factors will be taken into consideration when it comes to resale value.  If a buyer is able to move in without making numerous exterior repairs you're more likely to get a higher asking price and sell quickly.


3 – Healthy Family

I know I take this for granted but a compromised roof can lead to mold, moss, and mildew growths.  Mold growth on the inside of a roof and its rafters can be dangerous to the residents inside the home.  Common symptoms include sinus irritation, shortness of breath, and headaches, but more severe conditions can develop with particularly dangerous strains of mold.

A new roof installation gives the roofing professionals a chance to fully inspect and even rebuild any infrastructure underneath the surface that may be infected with mold.

The professional roofing contractors in Canton MI provide you with quality products, professional installation and exceptional customer service. They believe in putting the customer first and offer a personal guarantee of workmanship quality to deliver a roof that is strong and longer lasting than any other.

To learn about more benefits of roof installation and schedule a roof estimate contact Tittle Brother Construction.

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