Beauty Tricks to Get Tan Without the UV’s


Beauty Tricks to Get Tan Without the UVs

Golden skin might be something you desire, especially in the spring and summer when shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and bathing suits are part of your wardrobe more often. However, staying outside in the sun can damage the skin. The UV rays from the sun and tanning beds can cause a sunburn and can even contribute to skin cancer. A sunburn can damage at least the first layer of the skin and sometimes cause blisters to form. Tanning in the sun can cause wrinkles as well. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get a gorgeous tanned look without spending time outside, keeping your skin safe.

Lotions and Sprays

One of the easiest and safest ways to get a tan without being in the sun is to use a sunless tanner. These come in the form of sprays and lotions and can easily coat the skin. You do need to rub them in so the coverage is even, but they are much safer than soaking in UV rays. There are several brands on the market that can give different colors on the skin, so it's best to try a few to see how the product will look. It's sometimes best to look into getting spider veins removed before using these products as they tend to stand out more when sunless tanners are on the skin.

Professional Spray Tanning

Most massage businesses or those that offer manicures and pedicures also offer spray tanning services. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. You'll usually stand in a small room that has nozzles on the walls. A tanning solution will be emitted from the nozzles, covering the entire body evenly. It only takes a few trips to get a bronzed look for the summer.

White and Bright

When you wear white or brighter colors and tone, the skin naturally appears tan against the material. Even if you have a light tan, it will be enhanced by the brighter shades of clothing, making you appear darker without damaging the skin. White shorts work well with a yellow or orange top to bring out your natural beauty.

Coffee Grounds

This might sound odd, but you can apply coffee grounds to the skin to get a tan. The grounds should be used, and you should try to get as much moisture from them as possible. Evenly apply the grounds to the skin so the tan covers the entire area, such as the legs or the arms. Wait about 20 minutes before washing the grounds off the body. You might have to cover the skin a few times to get the color you want, but it's less expensive than buying sprays and lotions and healthier than being in the sun.


The sun is a great part of summer, but it can harm the body if you aren’t careful about protection. The skin will begin to look age faster than it should if damaged by UV rays. There will be mottled pigmentation, resulting in dark spots that develop on the skin. Keep your body healthy by not staying in the sun for long periods of time and trying a few beauty tricks to get the tan that you desire.


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