Everything a New Parent Needs to Take Care of Their Sick Child


One of the most common challenges of being a parent is caring for sick children at different times of the year. From the common cold to the flu, several different types of illnesses can develop and can be difficult heal. When you're a new parent, there are a few items you need to take care of a sick child until they're feeling better.


A thermometer is essential to caring for your little one when they're feeling under the weather. Children of all ages are prone to getting fevers, which can be dangerous if their temperature becomes too high. You'll want to monitor their temperature every few hours and head to urgent care or emergency room if it reaches 103 degrees.

Pain Medication

Children's pain medication is necessary to relieve their discomfort and help them to sleep more soundly at night. The amount of medication that you give to the child will depend on their weight or age. You can also consult the services of professionals at facilities like Potter's House Apothecary to obtain proper medication if your child is suffering from chronic pain.

Bulb Syringe

Infants and small children can often have a difficult time blowing their nose, which can cause the mucus to become clogged. Use a bulb syringe to suck out anything that is in the nose and help the child breathe easier. Use the bulb syringe several times each day to prevent the mucus from entering their lungs and help them to breathe easier.


A humidifier is a staple for every parent to own because it puts extra moisture in the air to prevent children from coughing too much. Leave the humidifier on in the child's room while they sleep, which can help clear their sinuses and offer relief.

You can also place the child in a shower to help them breathe in the steam to relieve sinus pain and clear up a stuffy nose that is contributing to their discomfort.

Warm Compress

A warm compress is effective at opening the nasal passages from the outside. It can be placed on the forehead to alleviate discomfort or pain that the child is experiencing.

When you want to provide a high level of care for your sick child, there are several items that you'll need to have on hand. With the right types of medications and tools, your kids will feel better and get through the discomfort more easily.

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