The Kid-Friendly Polaroid Snap Touch


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We love new tech gadgets and photography in our family.  Seeing the excitement in the kid's eyes as they tell a story by taking pictures or proudly display the photos they've taken on the fridge is priceless.  That's why I wasn't surprised when Cheyenne quickly fell in love with the retro design and instant prints of the Polaroid Snap Touch.

We've tried everything from a rugged camera like the Olympus TG-4 and instant prints with the Instax SP-2 Printer, but for the kids, nothing compares to the new Polaroid Snap Touch.  Let's take a look at the many reasons why.

Snap Touch Prints Photos

Cool design including a magnetic lens cover

Now you can snap, print and share your pictures instantly with all the nostalgia of the classic Polaroid print technology, but with the quality of new modern digital photography.

The retro design is what caught Cheyenne's eye; she said: “it just looks so cool.”  She plans on taking it to the last day of school to print photos with friends and to summer camp to preserve memories of new friends. If the white isn't your favorite, you can also get the camera in:

  • blue
  • red
  • black

Polaroid Snap Touch Screen

More than just a point and shoot camera

Polaroid Snap Touch's 10 Megapixels, 32 GB Micro SD memory saves every photo as digital and also allows you to print it in 35 seconds using Zink Zero Ink technology providing beautiful, bright 2×3′ full-color prints.  A few of the other features that might interest you are:

  • 3.4mm f/2.8 lens (equivalent to 25.8mm)
  • 3.5” Touchscreen display
  • pop-up flash

What else does the Polaroid Snap Touch offer? You can take 1080 HD video, use the built-in selfie mirror for optimal memory-making!  The camera memory is upgradeable to a 128GB with a microSD card.

SnapTouch App Printing

Quickly Syncs with Your Phone

Download the Polaroid Print App (iOS and Android) and use the camera as a printer through Bluetooth connection!  This feature had me sold because not only do you get a fully functional camera but you can use the Snap Touch as just a printer as well.

Within the app you can edit your image, add stickers, text, frames, use the photo booth option to print multiple images on one sheet and so much more.

Kid Friendly Polaroid Snap Touch

The Kid-Friendly Polaroid Snap Touch Review

When I first found out about this camera I was excited to review.  Keeping in mind we have the Instax SP-2 Printer we already had the printing technology to compare with and use our smartphones for most of our casual photo taking.

The Snap Touch Retails at $179.99 

Comparing it to the Instax SP-2 you're saving money and gaining the option of a stand-alone camera. The ZINK paper refills are also a lot cheaper than the Instax refills coming in a $14.99 for 30 compared to $11.88 for 20 sheets.  The print quality is about the same.

The camera is easy to use and to load with the ZINK paper is simple to load, the kids had no issue doing it on their own. Printing only takes about 30 seconds after you choose the perfect photo, that you can also send to your phone through the app!

Cheyenne and Lou taken with Polaroid snap touch

The image quality of the Polaroid Snap Touch is what you expect for a 10 Megapixel point and shoot camera.  The image above was taken with the camera and is unedited.


If you're looking for a fun camera for the kids to use and a photo printer this camera is perfect for you!

Who takes the most photos in your family?


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