5 Tips For Making Your Yard Party Ready This Season


Summertime is filled with opportunities to get together with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. A good cheeseburger and some homemade potato salad just might help you better your relationships with the people you love. The back yard is now considered prime real estate for these kinds of events and summer entertaining. More products today are made to get your yard ready for the summer parties than ever before. Here are some tips to help you prepare your yard for your next big summer event.

5 Tips For Making Your Yard Party Ready This Summer

Upgrade Your Grill

It is tough to barbecue like a master chef if your grill is rusty and barely has enough room to cook up two hot dogs and a bratwurst. If you feel like your grill is holding you back it is a good idea to get a new one that has more surface area for cooking. Think of your vegetarian friends who enjoy grilled vegetables that are not cooked with the meat. Look for a model with multiple burners and warming racks, a side burner for boiling water for pasta, and is made of stainless steel.


Choose Lighting Wisely

You need light to see at night, but too much light will attract bugs. Even so-called bug lights that glow yellow will attract insects if they are too bright. You only need dim lighting outdoors at night as your eyes will get accustomed to the dark. Tiki torches are great. However, if you want to use torches for lighting it is a good idea to get metal ones with sturdy metal stakes. Low-voltage lighting is another option. LED rope lighting with a remote to change the color and intensity of the lights can enhance the party.


Add a Fire Pit

Whether you go for a propane model or decide to burn wood, make sure you put the fire pit in a safe area away from combustible surfaces. Some propane table models are designed for safe use on a porch or deck. Check the owner's manual, and follow all safety instructions. A fire pit is a natural gathering spot after the sun goes down. They help to take the chill off the night air, and they are the perfect spot to make s'mores or sing campfire songs. Maybe you can even get out that old guitar and sing a few tunes.


Outdoor Furniture Options

Old aluminum folding chairs with webbing are a thing of the past. The latest designs of patio furniture rival the comfort of the furniture in the living room of your house. Plus, the technology used in today's outdoor furniture make them hold up in all kinds of weather. Everything from the frame to the fabrics are designed to hold up to years of summer sun, wind and rain while still maintaining their comfort and beauty. Finding furniture like this can be hard, but luckily today there are so many ways you can find great patio furniture ideas to use as a resource when looking for what is just right for you. You can find just about every possible idea online,. There are colors, textures and styles to suit any taste.


Consider a Swimming Pool

All over the country there are local businesses that install swimming pools. They often have liberal financing plans to make a nice pool affordable for most budgets. Above ground pools made today can have a deep end designed for diving, and in-ground pools using special liners are priced lower than their all concrete counterparts. If you do not have room for a swimming pool, consider a hot tub big enough to hold the number of guests you typically entertain on a weekend.


If you live in an area that has hot days and chilly nights, you may also wish to add a few propane heaters to keep the party going after the sun goes down. Of course, everyone could just migrate inside your home when it gets a bit chilly, but summer parties are meant for the outdoors. If you do not have a roof over your deck or patio, a temporary gazebo with a fabric top can keep guests comfortable in the hot sun or if it starts to rain. A little forethought and planning can make your yard the go-to spot for summer parties.

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