Everything You Need To Know When You Buy A Puppy


When you’ve made the decision to buy a new pet, the whole family can get pretty excited about it. But when you’ve decided your new addition to the family is going to be a puppy, it’s important to take your time to prepare. Puppies can be incredibly unpredictable, especially at first. And nothing is more important than the safety of your children. Here are the essentials of buying a puppy that can help keep you all healthy and happy at home:



Pick a breed that you can comfortably manage. All puppies are small. But some will grow to be the same size as a man! Do your research and check you know the size and weight you’ll end up with. Each breed has different feeding and exercise requirements. Generally speaking, the bigger breeds will need more of both. Consider the time you’ll need to keep them well groomed too. Long haired breeds need a lot more care and attention here.

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Puppies and dogs need a lot of vaccinations to ensure they remain healthy throughout their lives. This all adds up to very expensive veterinarian bills. Dogs need toys to keep them entertained, and some will have a very expensive diet too. Some breeds are more prone to certain illnesses than others. It’s worth factoring in these costs too. You’ll also need to train your puppy. There are plenty of local classes you can choose from. You can also click here to learn how to train your dog at home.

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Even with the best intentions, there will be times when you’re not happy with your dog’s behavior. Stealing food from the barbeque or chewing shoes are typical problems. Until your dog knows it’s not permitted, they may surprise you with all kinds of antisocial activities. The best thing to do is to prepare for it. Accidents will happen. Puppies will bark. Training is the best way to help stop these common occurrences.

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Every puppy has a long list of accessories that they’ll need. If you’ve never owned a pet before you may be surprised at just how much stuff one little pooch will require. Dogs need a bed. If you give them their own basket, it’s a place you can send them to when you need them out of another room or off your own mattress. Food and water bowls make less mess when you use a vinyl or PVC mat to put them on. Collars, harnesses and winter blankets are essential too. Then there are all the toys, the grooming brush, the flea prevention and doggy shampoo. This list goes on!



Finally, when you know which breed you want, it’s time to buy the pup of your dreams. Always check the credentials of any breeder you may use. Make sure you see the mother and the room where the pups are kept. Alternatively, visit a trusted animal shelter or charity home to give an unwanted pup a new start in life. There are many to choose from, and you may just find the pup you’ve always wanted.

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