5 DIY Projects to Make Your Home More Family Friendly


5 DIY Projects to Make Your Home More Family Friendly

Homeowners looking to complete major renovations in Prince George should consider DIY projects that include reclaimed materials, real wood trim, and customization options. Customizing a home is a splendid way to make renovations easier to handle. Homeowners can do a number of things to soften the feel of the home when the job is done.

Old wood

Using the wood from old barns and homes is an excellent way to save some money, and help the environment. It is also a comforting way to soften the ambiance of a room. Using reclaimed wood to make custom pieces of furniture or to trim a room can tone down a space and make it feel more inviting. Some beautiful pictures of examples can be found at http://www.alairhomes.com/prince-george.

Closet organization

Instead of a standard walk-in closet upgrade, a customized organization system is a great way to make a bedroom comfortable. Adding a full-length mirror to the back of the door gives everyone a place to get ready and try on clothes. Bright lighting and light colored organization systems keep the space open and relaxing.


Remodeling a kitchen is one of the best ways to get the family to gather for long dinners. Comfortable seating like a custom bench seat or booth with room for several people is inviting and charming. Storage bins under the bench topped with plush cushions give families room for board games, cards, dice, candles, tablecloths, and centerpieces. Adding a new backsplash is the perfect way to involve older kids and teens with a hands-on project.

Warm feet

Installing in-floor heating to all wood or tiled floors gives a house the feel of home. Having warm toes after a shower or when walking around the bedroom at night is comforting. It's a little change that makes a big difference for everyone.

Cold refreshments

Families that spend a lot of time in the game room, den, office, or man cave always appreciate a cold drink. Install a wine cooler, a mini-fridge, or a full bar so refreshments are only feet away. The parties last longer and hosting is easier than ever.

Taking care to find things that are comfortable, that invite conversation, and things that are neat helps create a warm atmosphere at home. Some renovations leave homes feeling sterile and cold, but adding well-thought out features can soften the hard lines and stiff edges. Choosing additions that families can use daily makes the house work like a home with comfort and warmth. It gives everyone a welcome place to retreat to after a long day.


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