5 Ways Moms Can Up Their Cooking Game at Home


If you feel like your cooking is becoming boring and everything tastes the same, don’t worry. Most moms have been there. You can take steps to up your cooking game so your kids will love what you make once again!

Don’t Forget the Salt

Salt your food! Salt is a key ingredient that most chefs use in every single dish. It can be the difference between a bland dish that tastes like nothing and a flavor explosion. Learn the right way to salt your food and always taste it as your cooking. Even just a pinch of salt can go a long way in the recipes you make!

The Right Cookware

If you’re a mom that wants to up her cooking game at home, you want to make sure that you have the right cookware to do the job. And by the right cookware, you don’t just want any pots and pans or just any knife, or crockpot, or whatever you like to cook with the most. You want items that are the top of the line. These items could include a copper saucepan from a company like Weston Table or Mac cooking knives. Having the top of the line cookware will make all the difference in how you prepare your meals and how you prepare your meals will have an impact on presentation and taste.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

If you’ve never tried pumpkin pasta sauce in a recipe, it might be something you’re interested in! Don’t shy away from new food or cooking challenges. Embrace them and try things you wouldn’t normally try. Encourage your family to try new things too and think about all the options you now have that you know you like.

Ever thought of having a family pizza night? We love to get all our favorite topping together, make our own pizza crust, pizza sauce and turn on a movie.

Get Feedback from the Fam

Your family will probably tell you what they love and hate, but they might be less vocal about the things they don’t like and the things they like. Encourage them to tell you how they liked a meal and what they liked about it. When you get feedback, you can then use that to come up with new recipes and find new things for them to try!

Take a Cooking Class From Grandma

Even if you don’t have your own grandmother, find one and get some lessons from her! Grandmas are just like moms, but they have years of experience with cooking. Most grandmas have their own secrets, tips and tricks for making your food taste excellent.


Your cooking game doesn’t have to be perfect. Just making small tweaks, you can make sure that your food tastes great again and your family loves it all!

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