4 Ways to Make Time for Family Bonding despite Busy Schedules


In every family, each member enjoys different activities even though some may coincide. When you’re struggling to keep in touch with one another in a meaningful way, it’s a good idea to keep certain materials on hand, and to plan out specific times to meet.

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Board Games

Even in this digital age that we enjoy today, everyone has a favorite board game or two. The experience of gathering around a table with all of the family participating on some level in Monopoly, Scrabble, Trouble, Parcheesi, Life, Chess, Checkers, Connect Four, Chinese Checkers, Mahjong, Backgammon, Dominoes, Yahtzee, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mancala, etc., remains inimitable. Many of us still have memories of a time when some family members added a Spades element to a Monopoly session, buying and populating with hotels all of the spots you most often landed on when turning the corners!

Card Games

Similar to board games in terms of nostalgic recall and joyful times, card games give the added advantage in that you can carry them with you any time and any place, literally. The more games you teach your children and other family members, the more options you have for play, with whom, teams, etc. In addition, many of the games are recognized throughout the world although they may go by a different name. Some of the popular card game concepts include Pitty Pat, Uno, Spades, Concentration, I Declare War, Two-Hand Solitaire, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.

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Get Moving

Of course, for complete portability, there are the games that only involve our imaginations and body movements, like Charades, Sporcle, and Password. But, keeping a set of Twister around is worth it, too.

Wiffle Ball makes it possible to play a version of Baseball or Softball without losing a window. And, of course, who doesn’t have a memory cache of Saturday morning rounds of Kick Ball and Dodge Ball?

Outdoor Fun

Some of us would rather play outdoors, regardless of the game. Several homes in our neighborhood installed patio covers so that everyone could participate, the sun worshipers of the family and those who prefer the A/C. Some other great outdoor fun that doesn’t require huge amounts of physical exertion includes holding family BBQs, playing Darts, Horse Shoes, Four Square, Bocce Ball, and Bean Bag Toss.

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