5 Snack Foods that Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Protecting your teeth is important. Preserving your teeth can make you life far easier especially in your later years. There are many things you can do to protect your teeth. This includes brushing, rinsing and flossing. The food you eat is also important. Certain foods, such as sugary snacks, can lead to tooth decay and other serious problems. What may surprise you is that there are some snack foods that are actually good for your teeth. Below is a short list.


Unless you are lactose intolerant, there’s probably a really great chance you love cheese. Cheese, whether it is cheddar or limburger, is a dairy product that includes calcium that is essential for strong and healthy teeth and bones. Studies have also shown that cheese can lower the amount of acid in your mouth that can harm your teeth.


Another great dairy choice for a snack is yogurt. Like cheese, it is a great source for calcium and other essential vitamins. However, even if you have all on 4 dental implants, eating yogurt can still help you. This is because the probiotics in yogurt can help fight the negative bacteria in your mouth that cause things like gum disease in addition to tooth decay.


An apple is also a great choice for healthy teeth. Unlike other choices on this list, an apple is a kind of fruit that contains sugar. Sugar is not good for your teeth. However, apples have other features and elements that are. Eating crunchy foods with a lot of fiber can be good for your teeth, gums and jaw. Eating an apple also creates a lot of saliva which helps to wash away bacteria inside your mouth. These benefits, however, will not be as high if the apple is peeled and cooked like in a pie.


Carrots are another crunchy food that is good for your teeth. Carrots include plenty of important vitamins and nutrients important for teeth health. They are also an excellent substitute for chips when used with dips since chip crumbs can more easily get caught between teeth and breed bacteria.


Celery is another good choice. It includes vitamins like A and C as well as antioxidants. The amazing thing about celery is that its fibrous consistency allows it to act as a kind of natural tooth brush that can brush away food particles as well as bacteria from your teeth.

The health of your teeth isn’t something you should ignore. This certainly includes in regards to the foods you eat on a regular basis. Switching to teeth healthy snack foods like the ones listed above can go a long way towards protecting your teeth for the long term.

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