4 Tips for Having Peace of Mind When Going on Vacation without Your Kids


Going on vacation without the kids may seem like a dream come true. At least, until the time for you to leave gets closer. As your pending vacation dates draw near, you may start to worry about leaving the kids home with a trusted caretaker. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take right now that will ease your anxiety and give you peace of mind while you’re on vacation.

Leave Detailed Instructions

No one knows your kids better than you. This fact is why it’s so important to create a list of detailed instructions before you leave. Include vital contact information, such as cell phone numbers, kids’ doctor and dentist’s information, as well as alternative emergency contact numbers. You also want to include any special dietary, physical, or emotional needs your child has. Finally, include a list of all appointments and practices your kids might have while you are gone.

Complete Medical Authorization Forms

Chances are that your kids will remain healthy and happy while you are on vacation—but you never know when an illness or accident will occur. It’s best to be prepared just in case. Complete a medical authorization form and have it notarized at your local bank or other notary location. This form will give the caretaker the ability to take your kids to the doctor, dentist, or emergency room for medical treatment if necessary.

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Invest in Home Security

A great way to ensure you can have peace of mind no matter have far your travel without your kids is to install security and surveillance equipment before you leave. Experienced low voltage electricians can assess your home, provide you with a variety of security options, and install the equipment you need to ensure your kids are safe while you’re gone. Not only can these security measures help to reduce the risk of an intruder, but the right surveillance system can allow you to track your kids in certain areas of the home even when you’re far away.

Let Others Know

The more people you have looking out for your kids while you’re gone the better. Make sure you let your neighbors, friends and family members know that you will be out of town without your kids. Encourage these people to contact you if they have any concerns while you are gone. In addition, you should always let your kids’ teachers, daycare workers, and doctor’s office know that you will be out of town and to contact you if necessary.

Going on vacation without your kids doesn’t have to be stressful. It just takes a little extra preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly while you’re gone. These tips will give you peace of mind throughout your vacation.


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