Feeling Monotonous? 3 Inspiring Ways to Spice Up the End of 2019


Feeling Monotonous? 3 Inspiring Ways to Spice Up the End of 2019

Feeling Monotonous? 3 Inspiring Ways to Spice Up the End of 2019

We all feel a bit trapped sometimes. Stagnation happens even to the best of us, and all of life’s comforts — Netflix, the latest sports season, our weekly friend gathering — mean that the status quo can easily take over.

But here’s the good news: You're now aware of the problem. This means you can fix it before the feeling of monotony strips away even more of your internal motivation and adventurous spirit.

Whether you have a family or just like to spend time with a group of great friends, there is a wide range of options to spice things up. Before another week, month or year flies by, consider one of the following options to close out 2019 with a bang.

1. Learn Something New

Routines develop because we do the same things over and over. Even if you can’t miss your weekly CrossFit classes or absolutely love movie night, by nature doing it all the time means it will become habit-forming. By contrast, one of the best ways to slow down time and recharge your mental batteries is to learn something new.

How about trying a cooking, crafting or language class? These activities are not only fun and inspiring but will also teach you a lifelong skill you can use for decades to come. Or, how about learning and practicing a new sport or instrument, like tennis or the guitar, to give both your mind and dexterity a challenging kickstart?

And, if you're having trouble carving out some couple time, consider some dance lessons. Nothing will get you out of your comfort zone like teaching your feet how to salsa, square dance, disco or swing.

2. Take a Cruise

So, you constantly feel like time is slipping away and you’ve got a bad case of monotony? Well, it's 2019 and Alaskan cruises are just what the doctor ordered!

While there are naturally many types of vacations you could take, there is almost nothing that can compare with a voyage to such an otherworldly destination that is neither too far away nor super expensive. Honestly, where else can you enjoy this type of luxury and adventure while seeing stunning glaciers, wildlife, pristine seas and sunsets that boggle the mind with beauty?

Best of all, it’s great for the whole family, a couple or just a few friends. No matter the complexion of your group, it will be a trip no one will ever forget. And unlike other cruises — or even typical vacations to Disney World or the Grand Canyon — Alaskan cruises, even in 2019, still are a bit under the radar.

So, rather than boring your friends with stories about well-known locations, you'll be able to share a unique tale that will actually captivate your audience for once.

3. Find New People to be Around

One final thing that can cement routines and stagnation is the people you spend time with. This doesn’t mean they are bad people! But if you only go out to eat, on vacation or enjoy activities with the same family members, friends or colleagues all the time, it will instill a “same-y” sensation for months on end.

The obvious solution is to find some other folks to be around. Maybe you can reconnect with some old friends who simply aren’t around as much. Or, perhaps starting a new activity or sport will introduce you to a whole new group. Then again, maybe you just need to be proactive and reach out for some playdates for the kids — or adult playdates for yourself! — with people, you have met but don’t know that well.

Whatever option suits you best, be sure to give it a try. You’ll never know what you’re missing unless you branch out.

Breaking the Monotony

Variety is the spice of life, and diversity makes everything more interesting. You don’t have to feel down on yourself if stagnation has taken hold. It’s normal, and we all go through cycles of inspiration followed by stasis.

But it's up to you to make a change. Before 2019 comes to a close, get out of your comfort zone by learning something new, book an amazing cruise, or just find some new people in town with whom to spend time.

It’s incredible how much difference a small change can make. With just a bit of travel or motivation, you can kickstart a domino effect that begins to transform so many aspects of your life. And, just like that, you will break the monotony and start waking up every day feeling like a brand new you.

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