4 Household Problems You Should Check Before the Summer


Looking forward to warmer temperatures? While waiting for summer, this is a great time to inspect key areas of your home for household problems and schedule maintenance or repairs. Here are some important areas that may need attention.


If your heating system is working well, you probably haven't given much thought to your air conditioner. But you don't want the AC to give out just when you're ready to start using it. Schedule an HVAC maintenance visit and let an expert make sure everything is working efficiently. Ask for AC service specifically, so that the unit can be checked along with the furnace. Your air conditioner should be ready to cool off your home at the desired temperature without loud noises or strange odors. Have the thermostat checked as well.

Roof Maintenance Tips with Ann Arbor Roofers

Electric Panel and Outlets

If you are unsure whether your electric panel is up to date, take a look. Label all the circuits, so if something stops working, you can quickly find it and address the problem. Check to see if all your home's outlets are working correctly by plugging an appliance into each one. If the plug doesn't fit, or if the outlet throws sparks, it should be tested by a licensed electrician. If you need ground wires installed on some of your walls, this is a good time to do it before nice weather beckons you to fun times outside.


While checking around your house for needed repairs, take care of that drippy faucet or backed-up basement drain. You can also replace the toilet guts and tighten the plumbing joints under the sink and in the basement. If you see signs of mold or smell a musty odor, have your home checked for mold. If you have black mold, it should be removed by a certified professional. Regular mold in the tub or shower can be tackled with home cleaning products for this purpose. Problems with your well, if you have one, or a sump pump should be inspected by a plumber who can advise you of repair needs and costs.

An example of tools one might use to fix household problems.


If you are able to see your roof from the ground level, or if you have noticed leaks in the attic or through the ceiling, call a roofing expert for a full assessment. Many roofers prepare to do the repairs in the spring when temperatures are warmer, but you may be able to get an idea of what is needed, so you can plan ahead. Your gutters and downspouts should also be checked for damage or breakage.

Get your house ready for summer by taking care of household problems like these. When nice weather returns, you'll be ready to do more exciting things with your home in good shape.

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