Home Maintenance: How To Keep Your Home Working Right All Year


If you fail to conduct regular home maintenance year round, your home is soon going to be in disrepair. This disrepair will leave your home prematurely worn out and, by the time you do get around to repairing it, the cost will be much higher. To prevent this from happening, you need to schedule regular home maintenance throughout the year.


Annual Maintenance

There are many maintenance issues that only need to be addressed once a year. One of the most important is to perform an inspection of the exterior of the home. Look for siding that has lifted or damaged. Re-caulk any areas that need it. If water gets beneath the siding, major damage can be done. You will also want to check the caulking around the windows, the chimney, and any places where water can get in.


Bi-Annual Maintenance

According to the experts at Bishop Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, your heating system should be checked once a year. You should also have your AC inspected for problems once a year. This is two times a year that your system should be serviced to be sure it is operating efficiently. This regular maintenance can prevent more costly repairs in the future. You may also wish to have your plumbing inspected during this time, as well. One small water leak can lead to extensive damage in your home.


Monthly Maintenance

It is also important to check your heating and cooling system monthly. At this time, you may want to clean or replace filters that otherwise can become clogged and decrease the efficiency of your system. A quick check under the sinks to look for any leaks should also be done to ensure there is no leak. If you have a garbage disposal, you may also want to schedule monthly cleanings to prevent any clogs.


Regular maintenance of your home is going to keep your home safe for your family and it will save you money in the long run. One small problem with your heating or cooling system could end up as a complete replacement of the system if left unattended. A small leak under your sink could lead to replacing the whole floor. Water getting in around your chimney could lead to a major mold issue. If left untouched, your home will fall apart. By completing regular maintenance on your home, you can prevent these potential disasters and keep your money in your pockets.

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  1. I agree, keeping a watchful eye on your home is very important. My husband and I do checks on multiple areas of the home throughout the year. Sometimes we check some things more often – for instance looking at the roof. It is good to keep an eye on your roof throughout the year to see if it is in great shape, but right after a storm is a great time to walk around your home to ensure things are well.You may find you lost shingles in the storm or there may be other damage or your roof may have faired the storm well. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kara. I totally agree with you on the air filters. It’s very important and costs a lot less then having to get your a/c repaired. When you don’t replace your filters you’re forcing your ac unit to work harder than it has to. When that happens, it’s likely to not work as well and eventually break down. So, when you don’t replace your filters, you are creating ac damage down the road. Save yourself the trouble. You can get a new filter for as little as 6 bucks and it only takes 2 minutes to replace it.

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