4 Home Exterior Improvements to Make This Summer


With the warm weather and longer days, summer is the time to do some sprucing up of the exterior of the house. They don’t have to be expensive or especially time-consuming to install, but in the end, they should give a home a fresh, vital and eye-catching look. Here are four exterior improvements to make this summer:

A New Door

Few things liven up an exterior like a brand new door. New doors can be made of fiberglass with stained glass sidelights. They can be made mostly of frosted glass or art glass or can be beautiful mahogany double doors with stained glass insets or fixed or moveable transoms. Best of all, doors now come in a wealth of colors. A fire engine red door will catch a passerby’s attention even across the width of a big front yard, as will a door that’s a cheerful lemon yellow.

Add Lighting

Nowadays, thanks to LED lights, homeowners can get very creative with exterior lighting. As with the interior of the house, the exterior can be enhanced by layers of lighting. The homeowner can install old fashioned coach lanterns on either side of a door, sconces that provide both down and uplighting or strips of LED lighting on the stair risers that complement solar powered lights that line a walkway. The effect not only lights the way to the house for guests but is memorably pretty.


When you paint exterior walls, you can significantly change the look and feel of your home. A house whose clapboard is changed from colonial blue to a powderpuff pink is not quite the same house. One thing to be mindful of are local ordinances. Some municipalities restrict the colors a house’s exterior can be painted.

Add Plants

Another simple thing to that can spruce up the exterior of a house is the addition of plants. Plants can be grouped in urns beside the front door as a collection that grows well together or one specimen. Hanging plants can be arranged along the edge of the ceiling of the front porch. Some people place topiary beneath wall sconces for a dramatic effect, and decks and patios have built-in planters. There are decks that were actually built around old or beloved trees that the homeowner didn’t want removed.

These are just four of the many enhancements a homeowner can make to the exterior of their home. Whatever they are, they should bring pleasure to the members of the household and any guests that drop by.


  1. Lightening is sooooo important either you are selling the house or planning on living there. The first thing tenants or buyers look for when looking at the listing is the how much natural light does the house let inside. Plus homes with better lightening creates good quality pictures for listing. Thank you for the helpful improvement tips.

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