3 Ways Moms Everywhere Can Carry Concealed in Style


Most women who want to carry a firearm with them for protection have probably encountered some challenges. Most women’s clothing is fitted, and doesn’t effectively disguise a gun that is holstered at the wearer’s waistband or belt. Storing guns in a regular purse can also create issues. The gun could be accidentally discharged by being jostled by the other contents of the purse, or by being accidentally pulled while the wearer is reaching into the purse for other items causing unnecessary risk.

Conceal carry purses are designed to safely carry firearms. They are often a much more viable option for women than a belt holster, but also a safer option than loosely storing a firearm in a purse.

1- Carry concealed with a purse designed to carry a firearm

Fashion minded moms probably don’t want to limit their wardrobes to baggy clothes in order to holster a gun at their waistband. However, traditional purses present some limitations for carrying guns safely. Cluttered purses don't leave much room for a gun, let alone provide easy and safe access to a firearm.

Conceal carry purses provide a specifically designed pocket for a firearm. The pockets are padded in order to avoid accidental discharge or a visible outline of the gun from the outside of the purse.

2- Find a conceal carry purse that matches your style

The fashion industry is full of variety. While concealed carry purses are designed more for safety than beauty, there are some purse designers who are making an effort to create stylish designs. The average department store isn’t likely to yield many options, and sporting goods stores won’t likely give a variety of chick conceal carry purses. An online search is the best option for finding a variety of styles and prices for conceal carry purses.

Consumers should be sure to choose a style that enables safe carry with easy access when needed. Consider whether the pocket is on the side of the purse or inside. Also, take into consideration the length of the strap and whether it is adjustable. If the gun cannot be easily accessed, the purse isn’t serving its purpose.

Moms should remember that finding a stylish concealed carry purse is important because if you don’t like how your purse looks, you won’t use it. Style is more important than most would realize in that regard!

3- Find a bag that is practical as well as attractive

Moms especially need to find practical and highly functional purses. A quick search online will bring up stylish purse options including those with long adjustable straps that can be worn across the shoulder. These designs free up the wearer’s hands, and keep the firearm close to the body.

Furthermore, the pouch for the gun should be zipped or velcroed shut to keep the firearm secured and hidden. Since the pouch is separate from the rest of the purse, the gun will not get lost with the other contents or put the wearer at risk of accidental discharge. A holster velcroed inside will keep the gun in position for easy reach if needed.

While it historically hasn’t been easy for moms to find fashionable and functional ways to carry a concealed firearm, it is possible. With a little browsing, moms will find that there are some very attractive options available. It is important for women to find something that works well for them with easy access to the gun. Users should be sure to practice removing the firearm from the purse so that if the need arises, removal is smooth and natural.


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