3 Timeless Looks for the Chic Mom in 2018


 Just because you never have a moment to yourself and always have a child tugging at your arm doesn't mean you have to look as harried as you feel. In fact, it's exactly when you feel stressed out that knowing you look sharp can help you feel a little more in control.

Don't have time to scour endless magazines for wearable fashion ideas that you can try? Want some timeless advice for new looks to consider in 2018?

Here are the best ideas that even the busiest mom can pull off with ease.

3 Timeless Looks for the Chic Mom in 2018

1. Hair extensions for added flair.

Somehow, you manage the right amount of shampoo, conditioner, and your blow-out is flawless. The result is that the stars have aligned to bless you with a good hair day. But why leave a great hair day to chance? Beauty experts suggest you use hair extensions to give your hair that flamboyant boost you want.

Elle.B, a Denver based hair salon, specializing in hair extensions, says, “You want hair that is thick, long, beautiful, and has a look that catches the eye of those you walk by. You want to be able to live your life every day with a manageable and fresh look you can dress up for a night out or not worry about with an active lifestyle. You want a hair salon that has expertise in hair extensions and will also help you achieve the look you have always wanted.”

Knowing your hair looks great can help you lift your chin high. Don't leave that to chance.


2. Dress + denim jacket + favorite shoes.

Being chic should not mean having to wear uncomfortable materials and feeling awkward about your clothes. Sometimes the most classic ensembles have to do with the fact that you can throw them on and go. And you just know that the pairing works. One such pairing is a combination of items. Take your favorite dress, pair it with a timeless denim jacket, and then pick shoes for the occasion. You can dress this ensemble down by choosing a casual sneaker. Or dress it up by going with a classic pump.

You can also adapt this pairing to the seasons by wearing a wool turtleneck dress and a denim jacket over it for the fall and winter seasons. Colored tights and boots give this uniform a great accent during colder weather.

For spring and summer, a cotton dress and a denim shirt can serve as a lighter variation. A scarf and sandals complete the outfit. And to dress up this uniform? Switch out the sandals for heels, wear a fitted dress, and choose denim that has a darker wash, without the faded appearance. Voila! This pairing is fail-proof for playdates to PTA meetings to weekend outings. And, yes, it can even be appropriate for date night with the spouse.

Use pops of color to accent a neutral wardrobe

3. Use pops of color to accent a neutral wardrobe.

Having a wardrobe that works for moms means that the colors you choose typically need to go with anything. This means that a mom’s wardrobe often ends up being dominated by blacks, whites, greys, and beiges. While these colors make a great foundation for any wardrobe, it can tend to get a little tedious to wear day in, day out. Present trends are gearing toward wearing more color. You won’t go wrong by choosing one bright and bold color for yourself. It could be a color you know works for you. But also, don't be afraid to try out a color you have always wanted to try. Now is the time!

To see if this color suits, first try it out in small doses. For example, a pair of earrings, ballet flats, or a purse. Accessories in a bold color will work well with your neutral-colored wardrobe and will make pairing it well a breeze.

Once you know that this color goes well with your skin tone, and is one that you know you can pull off, work up to getting a larger item in that shade. For instance, a pair of pants, a jacket, a blouse. Going bold in your color choice can take a little bit of courage to work up to. Which is why starting small can help you first see if that color is one you can see yourself wearing in more prominent ways.


A little self-care should be on your to-do list for next year. And brushing up on your appearance can help give you that boost you need to start each day off right.


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