3 Technologies That Can Take Your Family Nights to the Next Level


3 Technologies That Can Take Your Family Nights to the Next Level

Every day, something new comes out about how technology is ruining intrapersonal relationships and family time. While admittedly your child or teen may be burying their head in a screen a little too much, technology does have its benefits. Technology has helped families stay better connected, and some tablets or computers for family game night. Still, if you’re looking for something you take your family night to the next level, below are three possibilities.

Jumping Sumo

Drones are the next big thing as they have begun capturing everything from fireworks shows to weddings. While mini-drones can be found at mall stands and even Target, the Jumping Sumo is a cool drone that isn’t so often marketed. The smartphone controlled robot can rolls, rush, zig zag, spin and leap nearly three feet in the air. What’s even better is that is comes with a wide-angle camera that can live stream and record your adventures. Buy two and get some races going with your family!

Tap a Tune

If your family is musically inclined and you haven’t been able to buy a baby grand piano just yet, you’ll love these gloves that turn any surface into a keyboard. Using censors embedded into the tips of the gloves, when pressed against a hard surface, such as a dining room table, each fingertip plays a different note. Similar to a real piano, the notes move from left to right ascending a major scale. Additionally, you can use background rhythms that include jazz and rock. If you want to take it up a notch and create a family band, you can also switch the tone to sound like eight other instruments, including drums and guitar.

Project It

While projectors have been on the market for a while, pocket size versions have allowed families to join in on the fun of streaming movies outdoors. Take the family party outside using only your smartphone and a compact projector. This is especially ideal for camping, even if it’s just in your own backyard. Just remember to have everyone put their gadgets away before the movie starts.
While technology has supposedly led to less communication, families can figure out how to use it in their favor. Family nights don’t always have to include board games or watching TV, incorporate technology into your family nights so that everyone looks forward to it each week.


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