3 Crafty Christmas Eve Ideas


Christmas is a season that brings with it plenty of opportunities for crafting, but the fun doesn’t have to stop just as you’re opening the last doors on your advent calendar. Let’s explore a few last-minute crafts you and your kids can enjoy as part of the perfect Christmas Eve together.

#1 – Thank you cards

Pre-making thank you cards for all the family and friends who have already sent gifts is a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve. Leave the insides blank for the moment, so a few details about the gift itself can be added in after Christmas Day, but otherwise let your kids go to town with the glitter and drawings on the front of the card.

#2 – Centerpieces

You can craft the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas meal with a family crafting session. Your kids can draw place cards while you arrange flowers, or you can work on small origami crowns and swans to add something special to the table.

DIY 3D Santa Claus Card

#3 – A treat for Santa

If your children are young enough, putting a treat out for Santa is always a lovely Christmas Eve tradition, but make it even better by encouraging your kids to make Santa an extra something. A card, a drawing, or just something fun and glittery; keep it simple and just have fun creating.

Finish off the evening with a delicious meal, switching into your pajamas early, and settling down to a movie. The movie below is just a fun suggestion, but it’d be perfect to finish off your family Christmas Eve if it did come to life!

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