3 Clever Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Health and Hygiene


You have a teenager who seems to spend no time at all on her own wellbeing. Showering, brushing teeth, and eating healthy foods seem to be way down her list of priorities. You want to help her become a cleaner and healthier person without pushing or coming on too strong. Some effective methods of doing just this include:


Purchasing Popular Bath, Shower, and Hair Products

This is one time that the power of advertising works to your advantage. It may be a bit more expensive, but purchasing “teen” products that are highly visible in both print, television, and internet ads can be a huge motivator for a young person. They all want to be “cool” and fit in, and some of the advertising that focuses on teens promises this to those who use their products. Use this to your advantage, and set up a selection of these products in her bathroom. And the great thing is, it may actually subtly work—she may feel prettier and more self-confident after using these items.


If you teen doesn’t care about what the other kids do, you might try something else. If they have shampoo, conditioner, or body wash preferences, stick to them. If they don’t like the brands you use or just like other products better, let them get what they want to use. If they choose it, they’re more likely to use it!


Making the Bathroom a Haven

If at all possible, assign a bathroom just to her. Make it cozy and comfortable with soft fluffy towels and a bright, cheerful decor. Design the room with her needs in mind such as a new toilet and comfortable tub with the help of professionals like those at Bedell Plumbing Inc. Add a rack full of her favorite magazines and a variety of scented soaps and bubble bath. Even if she shares the bathroom, some of these small touches can still be added to the room.


If you’re strapped for space or extra bathrooms, you can still upgrade, but you can also set aside time. If your teen has time reserved just for them, they can take a luxurious bath or an extra-long shower without being disturbed. It also might help them feel more comfortable to know nobody will be barging in.


Making Healthy Foods Interesting

Smoothies are always a great suggestion; they are thick and creamy and look a lot like a sweet shake. You can put so many healthy foods in one that a teenager would never detect. Spinach, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, flaxseed, and low-fat milk are just a few ingredients that will provide your child with healthy nutrition.


Another tactic you can use is to teach your teen how to cook. Teach your child yourself or send her to cooking classes. It is very difficult not to eat fresh foods that you are so proud of preparing yourself. Assist with the shopping and the recipes, but allow her to do most of the preparation.


Just taking these three steps will have your teen well on the way to looking, smelling, and feeling fantastic. Over time your youngster will develop even cleaner and healthy habits, but taking these steps will have her well on her way to a more hygiene and diet-conscious person.

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  1. It is really important for teenagers to take care of their personal hygiene, but it is so hard to put into their minds how important it is! That’s why i really appreciate the tips above. We parents really need to put some clever efforts to instill to them how significant personal hygiene is. Thank you for this!

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