Raising Kids Who Love Healthy Foods: Nutrition Tips For Health-Conscious Parents


One of the most dominating challenges of having kids is getting them interested in what is good for them.  Kids aren’t concerned with anything more than five minutes into the future, and that’s what makes it so important for parents to set a healthy dietary standard.

The earlier you begin curving your kids taste buds towards healthy foods, the better.  Take some time to read through some excellent ideas on how you can raise kids who love healthy foods.

Start early shaping their palate

The younger you start feeding your children healthy foods, the better.  When they are still babies, you can blend healthy fruits and vegetables into mush to feed your children.  Rather than spend tons of money buying pre-packaged baby foods, craft your child’s meals in your home.

When you make your baby’s food yourself, you have the benefit of knowing that your child is eating safe and nutritious meals.  Feeding your baby fresh produce and other foods like sweet potatoes, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, and bananas all make great baby food supplements.

Sweet potatoes are sweet and healthy

Sweet potatoes are an especially awesome food to feed your children while they’re young.  This power-packed food tastes sweet and has a healthy dose of vitamin A, which works as an antioxidant in the body.  Babies love mashed sweet potatoes for their naturally sweet flavor and bright orange hues.

Set a good example for your children

Your kids are always watching, and they will shape their habits around your own.  If you set a good example by eating a healthy diet yourself, your kids are more likely to adopt your behaviors.

It doesn’t make sense to preach fruits and veggies to your children while you’re sitting on the couch eating a bag of potato chips.  Monkey see monkey do is strong in children.

Breton crackers with hummus

Make only healthy snacks available

As the parent of a household, you are responsible for the foods that are made available in your home.  If you don’t make unhealthy snacks available to your kids, they’ll eat what you offer.

Fill your pantry and refrigerator with tasty, nutritious snacks, and your kids will grow to crave the things their body actually needs.  Hummus and organic black bean chips, avocado dips, veggie straws, and many other healthy snacks will serve your child’s hunger well.

Don’t promote overeating or use food as a reward

When your child only eats half of what you put on their plate, it’s not always a good idea to push them to eat more.  Your kids will eat until they are satisfied most of the time, and then they’re done.  Let them be done.

Also, don’t use food as a reward.  Find something else to pique your children’s interest, so you don’t risk building an unhealthy relationship with food.

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