Our Iceland Bucket List


Every year for Spring Break we plan a family trip to explore a new place and spend time together.  In March, 2016 we're headed to Europe for our family vacation!  We can't wait it will be an amazing trip full of history, food and culture. Our last stop on this journey is Reykjavik, Iceland a dream destination for the four of us!


We've started a new tradition for our family trips, we make a bucket list of all the experiences we want to have together.  We get inspiration from tourism sites like Iceland Travel Guide to help us find out what's special about the area and then we let our imaginations run wild!  We grab one of our travel journals, turn to the first page and all take turns adding something to the list until the page is full.

Our Iceland Bucket List

  • Northern Lights – I've only seen the Aurora Borealis once, but I've heard the views are spectacular in Iceland
  • Local cuisine – the best way to immerse yourself into the local culture is to learn about the food and try some local dishes

Bridge at Blue Lagoon

By Vestman from Helsinki, Finland (Bridge at Blue Lagoon), via Wikimedia Commons

  • The Blue Lagoon – how many times do you get to see an amazing natural feature that is a vibrant aquamarine color and have a water temp of 40C?!
  • Glacier spotting – rumor has it the Snaefellsjokull glacier can be seen across the sea in the distance even though it is over 60 miles away and it is believed to hold mystical powers.
  • National Parks – the Iceland landscape features stunning moorlands, beautiful meadows, rivers and small ponds along with beautiful rock formations not to mention the black sand beaches, hot springs and volcanoes.
  • Geysers – the sight of a powerful hot spring shooting from the ground is pretty amazing


  • Whale and bird watching – we might not be lucky in March but you never know
  • Hike in Landmannalaugar – who doesn't love mountains, lava fields and volcanoes
  • Volcanoes – with the history that Hekla has being the “Gateway to Hell” and looking like an overturned boat it will be a once in a lifetime experience to see it and learn the history
  • Skaftafell Ice Cave – we'd love to get adventurous visit the glaciers and peek into an ice cave


  • Hallgrímskirkja – this unique church is in the middle of Reykjavík and the architecture was inspired by the Black Falls of Iceland
  • Waterfalls – we love to see amazing landscapes and waterfalls like Gullfoss Waterfall are gorgeous

We're excited to learn more about Iceland and how the country became what it is today!  It will be the perfect last stop on our family vacation this March.  We'll be staying in Reykjavik and by the sounds of it road trips in Iceland are the best way to see everything the country has to offer, so we might just hire a car.

Our list might be short now but we're always adding to it and excited to try something new.  When you're willing to get out of your comfort zone that's when you have the most fun!

I can't wait to see what experiences we can check off our Iceland bucket list!

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  1. Iceland is also on my bucket list. Even from here in Alberta it’s only a 6.5 hour flight. I love that type of rustic beauty that Iceland has.

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