You’re Never Alone: Keys to Finding Your Spirit Guides


When you go on a trip to some far-away land, you don’t go without a travel guide, do you? In life, the same can be said of spirit guides. Spirit guides are just what they sound like: spiritual guides that help you uncover life’s mysteries. They may not be these exotic things you’ve seen on T.V. or read about in books. They’re more like spiritual psychologists. Here’s how to meet yours.


Visualizing your guides is a good way to connect with them, and you don’t have to take any hallucinogenic drugs to pull it off either. Sit down comfortably on the ground somewhere, preferably outside. Take a few quiet breaths and breathe out any tension you’re holding onto.

Now, close your eyes and visualize yourself walking into a peaceful place – a garden, a field of beautiful flowers, or somewhere that’s personally peaceful to you. Maybe it’s an empty beach with the sun shining. Maybe it’s a quiet mountaintop.

Ask for your guide to approach you and sit next to you. Then, wait. He or she will appear. Ask your guide any questions you may have and then thank them for coming to see you. When you’re done with the visualization, feel yourself coming back into the room and back into your own body. Now, slowly open your eyes. Write down any pertinent information you received from your guide.

Automatic Writing

Another method for meeting your spirit guide is to do automatic writing. It’s sort of like those old Ouija boards you played with as a kid. Find a quiet place and grab a pen and a piece of paper. Take three deep breaths and let out any tension you’re holding inside. Now, start with a simple question.

Wait. Your spirit guide may take a moment to answer. Ask questions like, “who is the spirit guide working with me at this moment?”

Empty your mind and write the answer that comes to you immediately. Don’t think about it, just write it down. Ask as many questions as you want. When you’re done, thank them for helping you and put down the pen or pencil.

Now, slowly open your eyes and clap your hands three times loudly to clear the energy and ground yourself.

Congratulations, you’ve just contacted your spirit guides. Remember, they may take any form and often take different forms depending on when you do the visualization or automatic writing. It’s likely that you will work with the same spirit guide for a period of time in your life, but that this spirit guide may leave and be replaced by another as you move through stages in your life.

So, your guide at 20 won’t be the guide you have when you’re 80. This is reflective of the fact that different guides provide different kinds of advice based on where you are in life.

Beverly Johnson is a writer of all things metaphysical. She believes everyone has spirit guides and wants to help others by teaching them what she has learned herself.

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