Year One Upgrades To Make A House A Home


So, you’ve bought a new home. Congratulations! Whether it’s your first property or your 21st doesn’t matter, you will inevitably feel a huge sense of satisfaction and excitement. Best of all, the most frustrating period of going through the buying process is over.

Still, even the perfect home will need a little modernization and personalization. Rome wasn’t built in a day, however, and you can’t expect the transformation to take place overnight. In truth, it will probably take several years to get things the way you like it. That’s why the first 12 months are so vital. Focus on these priorities during that first year, and the new place will start to boast those homely vibes in no time.

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Safety First: You’re never going to enjoy the property until you feel comfortable and safe inside. Of course, childproofing and precautions for internal safety are vital. However, it’s equally important to consider the external threats to your property. Visit Asecurelife to read more about the best home surveillance systems on the market. Get those facilities in place, and the home will instantly feel safer and happier.

Make The Kids Comfortable: Everyone deserves a great bedroom. But as long as it’s in a liveable condition, your bedroom can wait. The children deserve to have theirs decorated to their tastes. If you’ve moved to a bigger place due to the arrival of a new addition, creating a nursery is key. As for slightly older children, using space in the best way is key. High sleeper cabins and other space-saving furniture can work wonders.

Add A Touch Of Color: There’s a good chance that the seller set most of the home back to neutral colors to aid the sale. While magnolias and similar tones are great for embracing the illusion of space, you need the home to boast character. Instead of a complete overhaul, why not paint or wallpaper one feature wall. It’s a cheap and easy job that brings huge results. Even if you decide to transform the rooms further down, this temporary solution can have a wonderful impact. Couple this with a few family photos, and it’ll feel like your place in no time.

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Focus On Practical Upgrades: When viewing the home, you probably imagined big TVs and other luxury items. In truth, your primary concerns should be with comfort. Visit Thermostatcenter to find out about the best systems for a solid temperature. Combine this with improvements to insulation to cut your bills, and you won’t go far wrong. Meanwhile, fixing issues with water pressures and other functional items could go a long way to creating the homely vibe too.

Revamp The Garden: The backyard might not feel like an obvious source of early attention. However, injecting new life into this space is easy. A little landscaping combined with garden furniture and lighting will add a new dimension to the home. Not only will this upgrade require a very small budget, but the process won’t impact your enjoyment inside the property either. Once complete, the home will feel better than ever.


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