Look After Your Skin Like a Dermatologist


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Want to ensure that your skin stays clear, fresh, radiant and youthful around the clock? You need to pay attention to what all the best dermatologists do. After all, they know more about skin than just about anyone else right? So, what exactly do the top dermatologists recommend we do to take care of our skin?

Use Sunscreen

No self-respecting dermatologist would be seen outdoors during daylight hours without their trusty sunscreen. Not only do they use the protective substance in the usual places, but they are very careful about covering the hands with an SPF 30 (minimum) sunscreen. The hands, because they are always so exposed, are particularly prone to sun damage and premature aging and this helps to prevent that.

Use a UV Moisturizer

Daily moisturizing, as every woman knows, is a must if one wants their skin to be smooth and wrinkle free for as long as possible. Using a moisturizer with UV protection is a great way to boost its effects and minimize sun damage.

Don’t Itch

Whether it’s psoriasis on the arm or eczema on eyelid, if dermatologists are suffering from a skin problem, the last thing they’ll ever do is scratch it. Even if it’s really itchy, they know that scratching will only make the problem worse and leave permanent scars. So, if you have a skin problem, don’t rub, itch or claw –see a professional and get the right treatment to sort you out.

Eat Skin-Saving Foods

If you take a look at what the average dermatologist eats, you won’t be surprised to find that fatty acid containing foods like avocados, tuna and almonds feature heavily. These foods feed the skin, prevent inflammation and stop skin from sagging.

Spritz with Spring Water

Have you noticed that your skin starts to dry out and look older as the day goes on? This is because there isn’t enough moisture in the air around you to keep it subtle. If you are experiencing this problem, all you need to do is buy a product like La Roche-Posay Spring Water, which you can spritz with whenever your skin needs a boost.

Apply a Facemask

Did you know that stress can cause skin breakouts and worsen existing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis? This is because, when we are stressed, the production of certain hormones ramps up, and it can take its toll on the skin. One nice way to prevent stress-related outbreaks is to take time out, relax and apply a facemask. Not only will you feel calmer, but you’ll also purify your pores and turn back the clock in terms of your skin’s clarity and radiance.

Use SPF Powder

One of the most annoying things about applying sunscreen is that it really doesn’t last very long. Luckily, dermatologists have a sound solution for those of you who don’t want to have to apply your usual sunscreen every few hours – powder sunscreen. Less messy and easier to apply, it will give you the same protection as liquid sunscreen with added convenience.

Time Your Routine

No matter how many skin boosting products you have on your bathroom shelf, you’re never going to get the skin of your dreams if you don’t apply them at the right time. Chemicals like retinoids and antioxidants tend to be more effective in the daytime, whereas peptides are better at doing their thing when the sun goes down. Now that you know this, you can rearrange your beauty regime to get the most benefit.

Cold Compresses

If your skin is swollen, itchy or off-color, you can give it a quick boost by applying a cold compress. Or even a pack of frozen peas. After only five minutes, your skin will appear tighter, younger and more even, so this is a great quick-fix that all dermatologists use from time to time.

Do Low-Impact Exercises

Have you ever noticed that people who run a lot start to age before those who don’t? It seems like this shouldn’t happen because they’re so healthy, but what you’re failing to take into account is the fact that high-impact cardiovascular exercises can weaken the body’s collagen, which leads to sagging skin. Low-impact exercises like swimming, cycling and elliptical machine exercises are what you are more likely to see your dermatologist doing.

Do Yoga

As well as participating in low-impact cardio exercises, many dermatologists swear by the skin-boosting benefits of yoga. Downward dog, sun salutations, extended puppy pose and other forward bends improve the body’s circulation, which results in a very healthy glow.

Say No to Sodium

Whether you love diet soda, chips or adding copious amounts of salt to your food, you might want to rethink your diet. What every dermatologist knows, but you might not, is that sodium will make your eyes, jaw, and cheeks puffy.

Stay Away from Sugar

Sugar. It is bad for the skin is so many ways. If you eat more sugar than usual, you n might notice dry patches of skin or breakouts of spots. This is because glycation, which is the result of broken down sugars, can cause damage to collagen, which is what keeps our skin, healthy and plump. So, eat less sugar and try to avoid refined carbs if you want to stop your body from shedding collagen.

Lift Weights

We all know that lifting weights helps to build muscle and tone the body, but did you k ow that it can also help to firm the skin, especially as we age? This is because, good muscle tone supports the skin, so the more developed your muscles, the plumper and younger your skin will appear.

Drink Green Tea

Researchers have found that drinking green tea can help to prevent collagen breakdown, which is the primary cause of sagging skin and wrinkles. Research also suggests that drinking 3-5 cups of green tea per day could protect you against certain skin cancers, so it really is worth switching your coffee or soda for Flavin-filled tea if you can.


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